September 25 - November 3

Atlanta, GA United States

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1924 Cliff Valley Way Atlanta, GA

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Thanks to the prayers & fasting of participants (in our public prayer vigil AND from home), we have experienced the indescribable joy of moms and dads changing their minds at Feminist Women's Health Center many times, and the privilege of bringing the loving, merciful presence of Jesus within us to a place where despair is sold as a "solution".

When moms change their minds, we throw a big baby shower for them if they so desire; additionally, any who are able & feel called to do so, provide love and material help as needed for as long as needed by these moms and dads.

You can see pics of the baby showers - including the most recent one we had last summer - on our Facebook page (link at top right). (See ultrasound of "Baby J" in "Resources" section on this website.)

Please keep them all, and all those who go through with their abortion, in your prayers, as well as the abortionists & staff at the abortion clinic - that all may come to know the saving love & mercy of Jesus and turn to Him as Lord.

Please join our public prayer vigil and/or sign up to pray from home - you can be part of saving more lives this Fall!!

Public Prayer Vigil Location:

Public right-of-way outside
Feminist Women's Health Center
1924 Cliff Valley Way
Atlanta, Georgia

Public Prayer Vigil Hours:
6am to 10pm every day September 25th to November 3rd, 2019

Help us fill these hours ~ we need YOU ~ please sign up today!

NOTE: Please contact us for guidelines on signs as well as detailed parking & public right-of-way info at (please do not park in the privately owned parking lots along Cliff Valley Way).

THE DETAILS (scroll down further for EVENTS):

Christians of various denominations from around Atlanta are gathering together once again in prayer & fasting to seek the heart of God about the crisis of abortion in our community, and to be instruments of His light, hope, love & mercy to scared or hurting moms and dads.

The Biblical model of 40 days is used to focus a concentrated effort of corporate prayer & fasting.

How do we do this?

1) Prayer and fasting from home, work, in the car, etc. using the brief, beautiful devotionals you will receive via e-mail when you sign up here, which also include short daily praise reports from 40DFL locations globally! These prayers are prayed each day by hundreds of thousands of Christians in many countries - there is great power in this unified prayer!

2) For those who feel called to do so, we will also have a peaceful prayer vigil across the street from Feminist Women's Health Center (1924 Cliff Valley Way, Atlanta). It will be every day from 6am to 10pm September 25th to November 3rd. The purpose of this onsite vigil is:

* to bring the love, mercy, practical hope & light of Christ to the staff and patients

* to publicly proclaim our commitment to the dignity of all human life

* to pray for an end to abortion

* to publicly mourn before Our Father in Heaven for the destruction of precious lives made in His image and for the immeasurable hurt caused to the hearts of parents there

* to have info readily available, for any mom who decides to come speak with us, about the network of free help and support available to her

* to have info readily available for ANY employee/staff/doctor who wants to talk with us about help available to them to find a new job and experience Jesus' incredible mercy

* to raise awareness in the surrounding community of what is happening inside that building and to inspire that community to a) call for an end to abortion, and b) become motivated to increase support to moms & dads facing unexpected or difficult pregnancies

We are not there to judge, condemn, shout at or harass anyone.

You are not expected to hold a sign, but you may (please contact us for guidelines). You are not expected to have any literature with you or speak to any of the staff or patients, but in the event a patient or staff member should come speak with you, we have literature we can provide you with to simply hand them to explain what we are all about and the love we are there to offer.

If you have never prayed at an abortion clinic, but would like to join the vigil, please let us know you are new and if you would like an experienced person to go with you or meet with you beforehand personally to help you know what to expect, where to park, etc. Just e-mail Margarita at? we will make these arrangements with you.

Fasting doesn't have to be from food --- it can be whatever you feel God leading you to give up for the 40 days as a form of prayer that deepens our relationship with God by making us more acutely aware of our need for Him and His all-sufficiency for us.

Fasting as corporate prayer is also a way of expressing repentance for our sins and those of our community, state, country and world. It is a way of bowing before God asking for His mercy with trusting, rejoicing hearts in all Jesus did for us. It is a powerful way of praying for our community.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail Margarita at

Thanks and please join us in prayer & fasting September 25th to November 3rd!

Leader Contact Info

Margarita Szechenyi


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