Spring 2021 | Feb 17 - Mar 28

Bakersfield Campaign

Bakersfield, CA United States
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Vigil Location

Family Planning Associations
2500 H St Bakersfield, CA

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Please DO NOT PARK in the abortion clinic's parking lot. Park on the curbside.

We PRAY ON THE PUBLIC SIDEWALK of the abortion clinic. If it's your first time volunteering & desire guidance, please contact the leader.

Stay safe and DO NOT GO ALONE. Make a Prayer Pledge to the Babies in the Womb by reserving hours on our schedule and to ASSURE someone will be there with you or contact the leader. Usually, volunteers make a Prayer Pledge to pray at the abortion clinic one hour per week; same day and time.

Lastly, HOURS VARY FROM DAY TO DAY, throughout the entire 40 days and throughout a 24 hour period, regardless of the website's schedule.  Our website provides a more focused time schedule for volunteers. For hours not available on the website, contact the leader.  

Thanks on behalf of all Babies in the Womb! ­čĹú

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Marina Audelo


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