September 25 - November 3

Billings, MT United States

sign up for vigil hours

Sidewalk outside of
100 W. Wicks Ln. Billings, MT

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Sidewalk outside of
Planned Parenthood
100 West Wicks Lane
Billings, Montana 59105

Park on Babcock or on Wicks east of Planned Parenthood's entrance to their parking lot. (Exception: If the weather is bad and you need to do your shift from your car, then please park right behind the RV.)

You must sign a 2019 Statement of Peace (inside the "office" -- which is an RV parked in front of Planned Parenthood. Then, every time you arrive for a shift, sign in on the clipboard in the RV and pray the prayer on the prayer card together with the others on your shift and those who are just finishing their shift.

You may walk, stand, or sit during your shift, staying out of the way of pedestrians. But STAY ON WICKS LANE so that passers-by can see that you're there and also in order to prevent vandalism to the RV.


Leader Contact Info

Amy Seymour

406.855.3737 or 860-5553 (Alvina)

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