Spring 2021 | Feb 17 - Mar 28

Concord Campaign

Concord, NH United States
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Spring 2021 | Feb 17 - Mar 28 Map
Vigil Location

Public right-of-way outside
38 S. Main St. Concord, NH

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Important Reminders for the 40 Days for Life Concord Campaign

  1. The Vigil site is on the public sidewalk at the corner of Thompson St and S Main St, Concord, NH 03301.  Stand on the corner, or along S Main St in front of the Equality Health Center. 
  2. Metered parking is available on the street. Parking is $1 per hour from 9am-7pm.  Free parking is available at Christ the King Parish, 72 S Main St, 1/4 mile from the Vigil site. 
  3. All 40 Days for Life participants sign a Statement of Peace while registering online, or by signing a paper copy, which can be downloaded under Resources.
  4. Participants can hold positive, life-affirming signs.  This Vigil is prayerful, compassionate, and non-political witness.   Graphic signs and conduct are not tolerated.
  5. We advise carrying a cell phone both for your safety, and to use the camera if you want to document an issue. Report any incidents to the police if appropriate, and email or call us with anything that concerns you.
  6. Please sign up for your hours on the vigil calendar on the website, or call or email us. 
  7. Contact info: concord40dfl@gmail.com or call/text (603) 731-6454.
  8. Keep a good distance (6 ft.+) between yourself and others.
  9. Avoid physical contact: hugging and shaking hands.
  10. Stay home if you are feeling unwell or have had any contact within the last 10 days with someone who has been diagnosed with coronavirus.
  11. Volunteers in a high-risk group due to your age, immune, or respiratory compromise are encouraged to stay home. 
  12. Reevaluate your decisions as new information becomes available.
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Beth Gaby


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