Spring 2020

Manchester, NH United States

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Vigil Location

Public right-of-way outside
24 Pennacook St. Manchester, NH

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Important Reminders for the 40 Days for Life Manchester Campaigns

  1. On-street parking is available on Pennacook Street. Parking in front of Planned Parenthood is fine as long as you don't block the entrance to either parking lot.  
  2. If you need to contact us about anything, our email address is 40daysforlifemanchester@gmail.com and our phone number is 978-226-3240.
  3. Before you can participate with 40 Days for Life, you need to sign a Statement of Peace. If you register on this website, you accept the Statement of Peace during the registration. A downloadable Statement of Peace is available under Resources on this page.
  4. We suggest that you pray in front of Planned Parenthood with at least one other person. There’s safety in numbers.
  5. Stay on the sidewalk and do not cross over onto Planned Parenthood property, either into the parking areas or onto the mulched beds in front of the building.
  6. What we are doing is legal as long as we don’t obstruct vehicles or people leaving or entering the Planned Parenthood facility.
  7. Always obey the instructions of law enforcement officials. Call and let us know if you are asked to leave the sidewalk.
  8. Do not toss things onto Planned Parenthood property, including holy water.
  9. Be respectful of anyone entering and exiting the clinic. No name calling, yelling, vulgar gestures or language.
  10. Smile, be polite, respectful, offer help and prayers. You can even offer an open-handed wave.
  11. Remember, Planned Parenthood has video cameras and is recording you and your actions.
  12. We encourage you to hold positive, life-affirming signs. We have “Pray to End Abortion” signs available to borrow from the Pennacook Pregnancy Center, one block away from Planned Parenthood at 657 Chestnut Street. It is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  13. Please have a cell phone or camera with you to be able to call in an emergency and to document any issue. If you feel unsafe at any time please go to a safe place, such as your car. Report any incidents to the police and report it to us as well.
  14. You send a powerful message by bringing children to pray with in front of Planned Parenthood, but please keep an eye on them.
  15. Please sign up for your hours on the vigil calendar on the website, or call or email us and we can sign you up for those hours. You can even use your smartphone to register from the sidewalk. You can do this before or after your vigil time.
Leader Contact Info

Will Albenzi

(978) 226-3240

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