Spring 2024 | Feb 14 - Mar 24

Seaside Campaign

Seaside, CA United States
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Vigil Location

Public sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood- Seaside Health Center
625 Hilby Ave Seaside, CA

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Welcome to the Seaside 40 Days For Life campaign! 

Hundreds of preborn children are aborted each year right here in Seaside. Sadly, few local Christians have been willing to intercede. Here is your opportunity. This is the time to openly and peacefully proclaim the value of life to the glory of the Lord. Join us in prayer on the public sidewalk in front of the local abortion clinic. The Seaside 40 Days For Life campaign begins February 14th.

How effective is the 40 Days For Life campaign? Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director, said the no-show rate for abortion appointments soared to 75% when there was a pro-life vigil in front of her clinic. Multiple testimonies and eyewitness accounts confirm the same is true right here on the Monterey Peninsula. Your presence is powerful.

Note: the Seaside 40 Days For Life campaign is law-abiding and peaceful. This is not a political protest. 


SIGN UP FOR VIGIL HOURS above. Parking can be found closeby on Hilby Ave. We recommend that you come to the sidewalk with a companion. If you have no one to join you, or are new, please contact me at help@montereypeninsula.life. Join us as we protect mothers and children from grave harm,

David Brownfield/ Seaside 40 Days For Life coordinator

Leader Contact Info

David Brownfield

(831) 521-6102


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