Spring 2022 | March 2 - April 10

San Francisco Campaign

San Francisco, CA United States
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Spring 2022 | March 2 - April 10 Map
Vigil Location

Planned Parenthood
1522 Bush St San Francisco, CA

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Welcome to our campaign page! If you are new to the campaign, please drop us a note at sf40daysforlife@gmail.com so that we can include you in our email list. Thank you!


Our location: Flagship Planned Parenthood, 1522 Bush Street, San Francisco, California 94109


Our hours: 8am - 7pm Monday through Saturday


Our rights during COVID-19 are same as they were before the lockdown. We have public right-of-way on the sidewalk. 

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SF 40 Days for Life

(408) 840-3297

(408) 840-3297

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