The next 40 Days for Life campaign starts in only two weeks! People often ask what goes on between campaigns ... and the answer is that in many communities, prayer outside the abortion centers doesn't end on Day 40.

We received a quick note from our friends in Pensacola, Florida ... where regular prayer teams are on the sidewalk on abortion days. Here's what one of the prayer volunteers witnessed there.

If you're looking for encouragement to take part in the next 40 Days for Life campaign in your community ... here it is!

Pensacola, Florida

As we stood on the sidewalk in prayer, a young woman walked toward a car in front of us. I walked towards her to inform her that we were there to help her. She stated that she was not there to have an abortion, but her friend was. She also noted that she did not believe that what her friend was doing was right.

I asked her if she had heard about all of the wonderful resources available to her and her friend. I then proceeded to offer her our "There is Hope" brochure. I found out that they lived in Pensacola and noted the time each local pregnancy resource center opened today.

I asked her if she would bring this information to her friend inside the abortion facility. She said she would. I told her that we would be here to speak to her and her friend. She said thank you and walked into the facility.

I continued to pray with my family and twenty minutes later, the young woman walked out with her friend. I asked if she was keeping her baby. The friend spoke up and said that she was not going to do it (have the abortion). I encouraged them to go to our local pregnancy resource centers. They thanked us and drove away.

Praise the Lord! Another mother saved from the pain of abortion. Another child allowed to live because his/her mother said yes to life! Moments like this never get old.Thank you, heavenly Father for allowing me, and my family, to be a witness to your miracles of life!

By the way ... here's the link to the cities participating in 40 Days for Life from February 18 to March 29:


With 40 Days for Life, David wears many hats. Prior to joining the 40 Days for Life team, he was an award-winning radio and TV journalist. He has also served as a board member for a pregnancy help center and as publications director for a major national pro-life organization.