What are you doing to end the injustice?

The $4,040 Scholarship

Share how you defend life in your community, and receive the $4,040 scholarship from 40 Days for Life.

How it works


Winner will be awarded a $4,040 scholarship and flown to San Francisco with a parent or guardian to receive their award on-stage at the Walk for Life West Coast in January.


December 15


Please email scholarship@40daysforlife.com with questions.


Full-time graduate or undergraduate students who are involved in the pro-life movement are eligible to receive the scholarship.

The scholarship will be awarded every year, so you are welcome to apply next year if you are not eligible this year or are not selected as the winner of the $4,040 scholarship this year.

Scholarship FAQ

I've never participated in 40 Days for Life before, can I still apply?

Absolutely! We welcome applicants who have participated in the pro-life movement in any capacity. However, preference will be given to students who have participated in 40 Days for Life.

Can community college students apply? Can non-traditionally aged students apply?

Yes! Community college students, medical students, law school students, PhD students, and students in trade school are all welcome and encouraged to apply. Students of any age who are pursuing higher education may apply.

Can high school seniors apply?

The student must be accepted and have committed to a college/university by the date of the deadline.

Are international applicants eligible?

The applicant must be attending a US school; however, students of any nationality are eligible.

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