Who are the people who lead local 40 Days for Life campaigns? What inspired them to take on this mission? And what advice would they have for you ... if you're thinking about bringing 40 Days for Life to your city?

Here are some thoughts from faithful local campaign coordinators ... from the United States and four other countries. Watch these videos to find out what's involved in bringing 40 Days for Life to your community, and how lives can be saved through a local campaign.

(And the videos are about 3 minutes each ... so enjoy!)

Monique Ruberu ? Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Monique has led two campaigns ... and her team has witnessed a significant drop in abortions at a Planned Parenthood facility that once did more than 5,800 abortions every year.


Mike and Kathy Forck ? Columbia, Missouri

In a dozen campaigns in Columbia, Mike and Kathy have seen abortion numbers fall ... and Planned Parenthood even lost its abortion license. As this facility still refers women to other centers for abortions, the vigils continue in Columbia.


Paul Hanrahan ? Sydney, Australia

Paul leads Family Life International in Sydney ... and took on the additional responsibilities of 40 Days for Life leadership. This campaign has seen many people get involved who had not previously taken part in pro-life witness.


Heather Gardner ? Austin, Texas

Heather leads the Central Texas Coalition for Life. She got her start at the Coalition for Life in Bryan/College Station, where the first-ever 40 Days for Life campaign took place.


John Noall ? Cleveland, Ohio

John and his team in the Cleveland area have seen one abortion center close after several 40 Days for Life campaigns. They now pray at another facility, hoping their prayers will help end abortion there as well.


Maryanne Stevens ? Lakeland, Florida

Maryanne and her team pray outside an abortion center in Lakeland ... where they've seen women go inside for abortion appointments, but come out smiling and telling the volunteers, "I'm going to have my baby!"


Dan and Julia Calinescu ? Romania

Dan and Julia first experienced 40 Days for Life in Canada ... then decided to get involved in campaign leadership when they returned to Romania. They had a very successful first campaign ... and other Romanian cities are now ready to join.


Sharon Hale ? Columbia, South Carolina

Sharon was a newcomer from Wisconsin when she felt the call to lead 40 Days for Life in Columbia. She's seen many first-time participants at the vigil there ... and heard the great news that a mother had decided to reject abortion.


Bob Dunn ? Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Bob and his team pray outside a Planned Parenthood facility that tried to get permission to do abortions -- but failed. Still, this office refers women to other locations for abortions. The volunteers' prayers here have been very helpful.


Irene Doyle Sandler ? Orlando, Florida

Irene is another leader who first got involved with 40 Days for Life in a different city. When she moved from Chicago to Orlando, she brought her devotion to the mission with her. The Orlando vigil is having an impact on business at Planned Parenthood.


Lourdes Varela ? Mexico City, Mexico

Lourdes' first campaign in Mexico City's Roma area created quite a bit of attention. That one campaign quickly grew to four ... and other cities in Mexico are ready to follow during the next coordinated effort.


Ante Caljkusic ? Zagreb, Croatia

Rapid growth is also under way in Croatia, where Ante helped start that country's first 40 Days for Life effort. Ten cities took part in the most recent campaign ... and that number is expected to grow again.


Ernie Cyr ? Pensacola, Florida

Ernie and his wife Mary Beth have helped lead 15 campaigns in Pensacola ... and they're ready to keep going. Two abortion centers that have had 40 Days for Life vigils outside their doors have closed. Another abortionist moved to town, however ... so the need for prayer remains urgent.



With 40 Days for Life, David wears many hats. Prior to joining the 40 Days for Life team, he was an award-winning radio and TV journalist. He has also served as a board member for a pregnancy help center and as publications director for a major national pro-life organization.