?Does anybody else experience this?? asked one of the 40 Days for Life volunteers in Flint.

?You signed up to pray one hour, and it is a rare day when the abortion facility is closed ? and you are thinking you haven't done anything tangible in that hour. Well, it never fails that two minutes before the shift is over, God sends a car.?

This particular car had a young couple in the front and three little kids in the back. The man wanted to know if that was an abortion facility, and he really wanted to talk about post-abortion effects.

He explained that he was in the army, and had seen how abortion had a profound impact on his fellow soldiers and their relationships. The volunteer offered literature that outlined types of assistance that are available to women who are pregnant.

Up until this point, the woman in the car had been silent. But she finally spoke ? she was pregnant and needed that kind of help.

?I think he was trying to help that woman realize she had made the right choice,? the vigil participant said. ?He was an amazing young man. I thanked them so much for choosing life. God is good all the time ? especially in the last two minutes!?



With 40 Days for Life, David wears many hats. Prior to joining the 40 Days for Life team, he was an award-winning radio and TV journalist. He has also served as a board member for a pregnancy help center and as publications director for a major national pro-life organization.