It is my great joy to share with you the wonderful fruits of this year?s 40 Days for Life campaign that was held from September 23 to November 1.

I cannot describe my gratefulness to dear God for having had invited and formed teams in 20 towns that participated in this initiative. In that way those wonderful people, brave and courageous pro-life fighters were genuinely united in this battle for life and its values.

This fall brought us 14 saved lives in Croatia! Five were saved in Pula, three in Slavonski Brod, one in the surroundings of Zagreb, two in Vukovar, one in Osijek, one in Rijeka and one in Pozega!


We learned of a woman from Rijeka who was told by doctors that her child was sick and was advised to abort babies. She told us that she did not know what would have happened if she did not meet people who prayed outside the hospital and it was their prayers that gave her strength all the time.

I would like to quote a part of her testimony: "As I already said, God did not put you there without reason. Perhaps you were there only this time because of me and my baby. You were major support to me in those terrible moments, and my baby needs most of the prayers now. I do not know how to thank you for all you did. You are giving us the most you can - prayer. I am grateful to God for having placed you in my life. "

Every human life is precious and magnificent and we are invited to give that special love to the children with special needs. Surely, very often the diagnosis can be wrong and that was the case we had in one of our towns.

It was a gynaecologist that told one mother how she carries twins who had Down syndrome. This mother was going through difficult time, as the doctor was very offensive (it was confirmed to us!) and was advising her for abortion. We intervened with prayer and with the advice and this mother went to the other hospital for the appointment. The other doctor told her that her twins were completely healthy. Imagine how many thousands of children were aborted due to the wrong diagnoses!


We also had one situation where a mother was forcing her pregnant daughter for abortion. Thanks to God, all emotions were calmed and there was no need for the police to intervene.

Unfortunately, we were able to find out that hospitals are performing abortions on women that are forced to do so. There was one attempt of illegal abortion, too.

Croatia was blessed to receive a visit from 40 Days for Life's director, David Bereit. There were three solemn events organised and we had chance to hold two babies saved in our previous campaigns: little Petra from Vukovar and Rok from Split. Their mothers are now filled with joy and gratitude.

If you've not seen David's video about his impressions of this trip ... here it is!

We were able to gather information on abortion reduction number in hospitals in Sibenik and Pula during our vigil and prayer. That makes total of five hospitals who confirmed us that the number of abortions was reduced during the vigil and prayer (Zagreb, Vukovar, Osijek, ?ibenik, Pula).

More than 4,000 people who prayed outside the hospitals in these past 40 days made a big difference. It was through them that God touched so many hearts, protected their souls and saved lives of many that we are not even aware of. We thank each person who prayed for having answered His call! It all begins with the individuals. They were bravely witnessing for the truth and they will receive hundredfold fruits for that!

Thanks to this initiative, we have now one whole class of children ? 27 of them that we are aware of. Among them are little Petra and Roko saved in the last campaign ... and I had such joy in holding two of them in my arms. It is such magnificent feeling to hold baby that was supposed to be killed!


Our politicians have finally started to speak about the problem of abortions and about changes to the Law brought in 1978, during the communism time. A few months ago, the National Parliament discussed our initiative and we are so happy about that, it makes us pray more and more and not to get any direct involvement in the political terms, as God will and can do all in His own way!

We have more than 7,000 followers on Facebook and many thousands more found out about this campaign. A couple more Croatian bishops have given us support and meetings with them and local leaders and team representatives were held.

Our neighbours in Bosnia and Herzegovina will join us with the campaign.


Our vision can come to its fulfilment. I firmly believe that this is one key moment, given time of grace when we, with the help of God, are going to be able to achieve and accomplish along with prayer, fasting and concrete solutions, the end of injustice and evil of abortions in our country.

Everyone is welcome to join us! Come, we need you! Become the part of this apostolate for life! Let it be now in this moment of graces for our Croatia, for Croatia of life! Come and be consolation, come and be hope, come and be light to so many!

Ante Caljku?ic is the 40 Days for Life leader in Zagreb, Croatia's capital



40 Days for Life

40 Days for Life is a community-based campaign that takes a determined, peaceful approach to showing local communities the consequences of abortion in their own neighborhoods.