Michelle in Montgomery reports two saves on Day 1 of the 40 Days for Life campaign!

A prayer volunteer spoke to a woman outside the abortion center, giving her life-affirming information. She still went inside, but only for a moment. She came out and asked about the pregnancy help center ? but she needed a ride. Her husband was waiting in the parking lot ? but he would not be pleased with her decision to not abort her baby. They had three children, and he didn?t want any more.

The vigil participant gave her a ride to the help center ? where the staff offered an ultrasound. They estimated the baby?s age at about eight weeks. ?My baby has arms and legs!? she said.

About that time, a young couple walked into the pregnancy help center. The man said a 40 Days for Life prayer volunteer gave them a brochure, ?so we decided to leave the clinic and come here.?

And that made two!

Please pray for these families and their babies.



With 40 Days for Life, David wears many hats. Prior to joining the 40 Days for Life team, he was an award-winning radio and TV journalist. He has also served as a board member for a pregnancy help center and as publications director for a major national pro-life organization.