The pictures from the Birmingham campaign's closing vigil have a definite Good Friday feel -- and in fact, many cities are holding special events outside abortion centers today to commemorate Christ's crucifixion.

"Thank you to everyone who has contributed to such a fantastic and blessed campaign," said one of the local leaders. "We have had nine live saved that we know of, which truly is a blessing and answer to prayer. Just think what we could achieve if we had a continuous presence outside throughout the year there is a small team that does this!"


The last mother to change her mind was a teenager who came to the abortion centre with her friends. She met the counsellor on her way in, had a very emotional conversation and took a leaflet of help. In the end she said she wasn't going into Marie Stopes and would keep her baby. Everyone was in tears and hugging each other.


Another couple turned up on Sunday when the abortion centre was closed. They had hoped they could get an abortion without an appointment, but God had other plans.

They met the volunteers outside and spoke with them. One of them took the couple back into town in his car. The traffic was bad but it meant they had time for a long chat. By the end of the ride, the couple had decided to keep their baby and were very glad that the centre had been closed that day.

"This Holy Week," the leader said, "let us pray for all the victims of the abortion industry, babies, mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, abortion workers."


40 Days for Life

40 Days for Life is a community-based campaign that takes a determined, peaceful approach to showing local communities the consequences of abortion in their own neighborhoods.