?In my community, the impact of 40 Days for Life was excellent,? said Carmen, the local leader in Mendoza.

?People spread the word and everyone felt like they were part of the campaign,? she said, ?and not only in Mendoza! They were praying for all the cities that had the campaign. Everyone is thinking that the next campaign will be even bigger.?

Community outreach was most effective, and many people who lived near the vigil joined after seeing people praying day after day.


Carmen met a woman who ?hugged me as if I was a hero? because she was the campaign leader. That surprised her, because she considered herself ?just a tool in the hands of God, or as I said at the opening of the campaign, that I, together with the rest of the team, am just the little donkey that Jesus rode into Mendoza to do 40 Days for Life."

As abortion is illegal in Argentina, the team cannot be sure how many babies were saved during the campaign. ?But yes, many women and men told us that they had been in that situation, some happy because they had continued with their pregnancies, and others upset, suffering because they?d had an abortion years ago.?

They were able to connect a number of people to post-abortion healing programs, and the local pregnancy help center reported that it had more clients than usual. ?There was a really hard case and we thought that she was going to abort,? Carmen said, ?but when they called her back, she continued with her pregnancy!"


40 Days for Life

40 Days for Life is a community-based campaign that takes a determined, peaceful approach to showing local communities the consequences of abortion in their own neighborhoods.