A young woman was almost running as she left the abortion center in Portland ? crying ? and carrying her shoes in her hands.

The 40 Days for Life volunteers had been praying, and did not even notice her going in. So they had not been able to talk to her or give her any information before her appointment.

Still, with tears streaming down her face, she announced, ?I just couldn?t do it!? She didn?t stop to talk ? she just wanted to leave.

Earlier in the campaign, vigil participants heard the exact same words from another young woman.

As she sat in the waiting room, she was surrounded by sadness. A teenager next to her was sobbing. It made her think of her own situation. Sure, she was single and already had a young child to care for, but in looking at the big picture, life really wasn?t so bad.

So ? she came out and told the volunteers, ?I just couldn?t do it!?



With 40 Days for Life, David wears many hats. Prior to joining the 40 Days for Life team, he was an award-winning radio and TV journalist. He has also served as a board member for a pregnancy help center and as publications director for a major national pro-life organization.