Starting on July 26, an estimated two million young people from around the world will gather in Krakow, Poland for World Youth Day.

This is an opportunity to be inspired by the magnitude of the crowds gathered to celebrate their common faith in the Lord Jesus. It is a chance to set the world on fire with love for God and his people, so that they will be inspired to do His holy will.

I am excited that 40 Days for Life will be participating in this incredible event and pilgrimage!

I will be leading a team of six young women to Krakow to spread the pro-life message. Our goal is to inspire the hearts and minds of young people to build a culture of life in their own communities.

There are many dedicated Christians who do not realize that the abortion situation is at crisis level. It is estimated that more than 50 million unborn babies are aborted each year globally. Life is a precious gift, and it is critical that Christians unite in prayer and fasting to end the greatest threat to human life that the world has ever known.

It is the young people who can do it; we are the pro-life generation. We are the target of the abortion industry and we need to flatly reject their offer to fix our "problems." We must embrace the cross, not abort it.

World Youth Day is a unique international setting to communicate the dire need to act locally in support of all human life. 40 Days for Life has continued to grow internationally and it is my hope that through our presence we will encounter many more people at World Youth Day who will take the first step to ending abortion in their communities ... and the world.

As we enter into this time of prayer and pilgrimage, please pray that through our speaking events, information booth, and presence at large gatherings we will touch the hearts and minds of many young people who attend this global Christian gathering.

If you or someone you know is attending World Youth Day, you are invited to stop by at our booth or speaking events! Please see below for our schedule:

Tues., July 269am-5pm Booth at the Vocations Center
2pm-2:30pm "The Pro-Life Generation" Family Academy
Wed., July 279am-10pm Booth at the Vocations Center
Thurs., July 289am-5pm Booth at the Vocations Center
Fri., July 299am-5pm Booth at the Vocations Center
3-3:30pm "El Aborto en Latinoam?rica" (Spanish) Family Academy

The Vocations Center and Family Academy talks will be held at Krakow Stadium (ul. J?zefa Kaluzy 1, 30-962). The Vocations Center will be at the Plac Wschodni Stadionu Cracovia (East Square of Cracovia Stadium) ? a covered area on ul. J?zefa Kaluzy.

There's more information to come on our exact booth and speaking locations.

You are welcome to stop by at our events at any time. If you would like to contact me to coordinate, please email me at

Katharine O'Brien, Director, Latin American Outreach

Katharine is 40 Days for Life's outreach director. She began her work with 40 Days for Life as an intern. Katharine is fluent in Spanish and has traveled to sites in several nations to network with local 40 Days for Life leaders.