We are so blessed to be here! People from all over the world have stopped by to talk to us at the Vocations Center, wondering who we are and what 40 Days for Life is.

The Vocations Center is in Stadion Cracovia (Krakow Stadium), and it houses the booths of hundreds of organizations that have come to World Youth Day to spread their mission.


We've met pro-life people from Tanzania and Nigeria (at the top of this page), Ukraine and Poland (above), and Peru (below). And those are just a few!

We've also met people from Lithuania, the Philippines, Malta, Cape Verde, Guatemala, Martinique ... and even St. Louis, Missouri!


Katharine O'Brien, Director, Latin American Outreach

Katharine is 40 Days for Life's outreach director. She began her work with 40 Days for Life as an intern. Katharine is fluent in Spanish and has traveled to sites in several nations to network with local 40 Days for Life leaders.