A man from Poland stopped by our 40 Days for Life booth today at the Vocations Center.

Before I could begin telling him about 40 Days for Life, he thanked us for what we do and expressed that he is praying for 40 Days for Life. "I come from a family wounded by abortion," he said.

Wiping away tears from his eyes, he said, "I would have had a sister." Her name would have been Kinga after the Polish saint and queen.

Instead of being filled with anger and blame, he believes that little Kinga is in heaven praying for their parents -- and is the reason that they are still together. After the abortion, his parents were very upset and began praying together every day.

He has even forgiven the doctor that aborted his sister. "I will forever be praying for and asking pardon for that abortion doctor," he told us. "Maybe that's my mission -- to pray for him."

Through the grace of forgiveness there can be hope and healing for families wounded by abortion. Later, I got to meet this man's four adorable children. God's grace is abundant!


Katharine O'Brien, Director, Latin American Outreach

Katharine is 40 Days for Life's outreach director. She began her work with 40 Days for Life as an intern. Katharine is fluent in Spanish and has traveled to sites in several nations to network with local 40 Days for Life leaders.