Matt Britton, 40 Days for Life board chair, and Katharine Britton, Latin American outreach director, visited the Charlottesville, Lexington and Louisville campaigns.

Charlottesville, Virginia


We prayed outside of the Planned Parenthood in Charlottesville with seven other volunteers. It poured rain, but there were still several cars pulling into Planned Parenthood?s parking lot because Friday is abortion day. Matt led a prayer with the group before leaving.

We had breakfast with four members of the Charlottesville team, including Delia Laux, who is co-leading the campaign with Katharine. They were all encouraged by the visit.

Lexington, Kentucky


A ?Rally with the Chairman? was held in Porter Memorial Baptist Church in Lexington. About 30 people attended. Matt was the main speaker and Katharine, representatives from Silent No More and the local crisis pregnancy center also had the opportunity to speak. Reactions were positive and many people asked follow up questions.

We visited the Planned Parenthood referral center where the vigil is held with Tim Asbridge, the leader, and three other participants. Tim works near the vigil, so he can cover vigil hours frequently. There are only three days each when the Planned Parenthood is open.

Louisville, Kentucky


We met up with the UNITED tour at the vigil site, where there is a women?s surgery center that does abortions. Right next to it, there is a crisis pregnancy center. About 100 people attended the rally.

David Bereit, Steve Karlen, Matt Britton, and representatives from Silent No More, Students for Life, Human Life International and several local parishes also spoke at the rally. Peter Karlen was excellent at passing out markers?and super cute too!

A worker from the abortion center did show up to make sure that people stayed clear of the property line, but she was not overly disruptive and thanked David for asking everyone to respect the public right of way and private property. She stayed long enough to hear some speeches too!

Overall, people seemed encouraged and happy to be all together, as well as excited to sign the bus.

40 Days for Life

40 Days for Life is a community-based campaign that takes a determined, peaceful approach to showing local communities the consequences of abortion in their own neighborhoods.