Planned Parenthood in Sioux Falls is the last abortion center in South Dakota ? and when the 40 Days for Life UNITED tour arrived there, abortion supporters were out to celebrate the abortion giant's 100th birthday.


How amazing to contemplate the irony of celebrating the birthday of an organization that prevents hundreds of thousands of children from celebrating their own birthdays every year! Fortunately, around 70 faithful 40 Days for Life volunteers got up early on a Saturday morning to dwarf the pro-abortion contingent. Great job, South Dakota!


There's a little dirt trail in front of Planned Parenthood in Sioux City, Iowa. Prayer volunteers told us it was worn into the public right-of-way ? the results of years of faithful, prayerful presence. What commitment!


The candlelight vigil in Iowa City was truly a statewide rally with 100 attendees driving hours from Des Moines, Bettendorf, Ankeny and other cities from across the Hawkeye State.

Iowa City is a university town, and Sarah McCreary of Students for Life talked about the importance of praying and sidewalk counseling -- even when it is scary to do so.


Rachel from Informed Choices Medical Clinic described personally holding babies saved from abortion ? thanks to the presence of 40 Days for Life volunteers. There are few more impactful partnerships than the ones between strong 40 Days for Life campaigns and strong pregnancy help centers.

On to Nebraska!

Steven Karlen, Campaign Director

Prior to joining the headquarters team, Steve directed several highly-successful 40 Days for Life campaigns in his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. As campaign director, Steve helps local 40 Days for Life leaders build and improve life-saving efforts in their communities.