Eileen?s email from the 40 Days for Life team in Spring Valley started off with a big headline: ?ANOTHER BABY SAVED!?

A woman walked up to the vigil participants, eager to share a story. She works near Planned Parenthood and learned that there was a young woman in an unexpected pregnancy who had scheduled an abortion. But it was also learned that her problem was not the baby but money. People at this other business were able to help her find a job and life-saving support.

?We never know the full extent of all the prayers and the loving witness for all these nine years,? Eileen said, ?but ? we see how far prayer travels!?

This was the second child spared from abortion in this campaign. About a week into 40 Days for Life, the volunteers found out that a baby scheduled to be abortion is now expected to be born in March. Eileen said the child was saved by prayer, love and the effort of a grandmother who did not want her daughter to make the wrong choice.

?There is a Spirit that cannot be put into words,? she said, ?and that is why we do what we do. We have been called ? and we cannot ignore.?



With 40 Days for Life, David wears many hats. Prior to joining the 40 Days for Life team, he was an award-winning radio and TV journalist. He has also served as a board member for a pregnancy help center and as publications director for a major national pro-life organization.