In Croatia, the campaign that ended April 9 included 26 cities. One of them, Koprivnica, joined the effort just one day before campaign started!

In those 26 cities, we had 4,200 people praying in front of hospitals ... and we know of three lives spared from abortion!

One of these children, in Zagreb, was spared from abortion in last moment. It was very dramatic.

That mother went to hospital to have an abortion, and she already had appoitment that day. By chance (or not!) she founded out that there were some people outside hospital who could help her.

She went out and saw one of the women praying there. We asked her how can we help her and then we took her number. She said that she will wait untill we call her and that she will postpone her abortion.

She also took number from the Bethlehem pregnancy help organization. She called them four times and didn't get an answer! But still, she waited -- which was really God's mirracle -- and that afternoon she talked with someone from Betlehem and also with Ante Caljku?ic, our national leader. After talking with Ante, she turned away from abortion!

The other two lives saved are twins! They were spared from abortion with help of one doctor. She was talking to one of our group's members just day before. She found out what we are doing. And next day, when that mother came to scheduale abortion, that doctor convinced her to keep her baby!

Also, this campaign we had TWO meetings with Pope Francis.

First meeting was with a couple who met while praying in front of hospital in autumn 2015, then got married if autumn 2016. They went to see Pope little bit before ending of this campaign. They said to him that they met in front of hospital in Initiative and he put his thumbs up!

During the general audience on the 12th of April, Pope Francis met members of the 40 Days for Life Croatia team -- Ante Caljku?ic and Petra Ti?ljaric, as well as Dalia, a mother the campaign helped in choosing Life, and her daughter Nika, whom the Pope blessed and kissed on the forehead.

The Pope Francis said: ?You are doing the best possible thing! Save as many lives as possible! I encourage you and bless you with every blessing. There is no more important work from this one, be persistent and pray, pray, pray! Thank you for doing God?s thing today. The Pope is with you! Pray a lot for me! Fight, fight, fight!?

40 Days for Life

40 Days for Life is a community-based campaign that takes a determined, peaceful approach to showing local communities the consequences of abortion in their own neighborhoods.