Last week, we announced great news about three more Planned Parenthood abortion centers closing their doors.

This makes a total of 89 abortion facilities that have shut down permanently following a 40 Days for Life campaign!

Praise God for these victories! These closures represent the growing trend that the abortion industry is struggling at the local level like never before. We will have a special feature on this situation in the next issue of DAY 41 magazine.

This week is the last call to get this free magazine delivered to you or your friends and family. If you haven't already signed up for this quarterly magazine, do so before Friday!

Just three weeks from tomorrow, we will kick off the largest 40 Days for Life campaign ever in 375 cities.

There is frustration right now as the struggle to defund Planned Parenthood of their $500 million in taxpayer money continues. That is a fight we will continue to help with. But you can defund Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers -- immediately -- where you live.

When we witness the love and joy of Christ and a mom turns away, we defund the abortion industry. And more than that ... we offer hope to a woman and life to her baby who came so close to losing it. Find your vigil location and help defund the abortion industry where you live.

Just a heads up that over the next few weeks, we will be announcing some exciting new tools to raise more awareness about the reality of abortion where you live and get more people praying.

The first new tool to help you prepare for the campaign will be released this Thursday via email -- we have had many folks asking for it for a long time.

May God bless you and your family as we prepare for a record-sized campaign from September 27 to November 5!

Shawn Carney, President/CEO

In addition to co-founding 40 Days for Life, Shawn is one of the most sought-after pro-life speakers, addressing audiences coast-to-coast and internationally. He has executive produced award-winning pro-life documentaries. Shawn co-authored the #1 top-rated Christian book: 40 Days for Life: Discover What God Has Done ... Imagine What He Can Do and also wrote The Beginning of the End of Abortion.