?If we don?t use our rights to peacefully pray outside abortion facilities, we are at risk of losing those rights ? and that?s just what Planned Parenthood wants,? said Shawn Carney, president of 40 Days for Life.

?Based on the intolerant and oppressive actions in Canada, England and other locations,? Carney said, ?we?re calling on our volunteers to ? where it?s still possible ? exercise their rights during the home stretch of our current campaign. Brave men and women are serving in our military around the world to ensure these rights, and we must use them to protect the most vulnerable in our society.?

Numerous cities in the United States have approved, or are considering, buffer zones around abortion centers that specifically restrict pro-life speech. But thus far, none go so far as the regulation just approved in Canada by Ontario?s provincial parliament.

Based on uncorroborated testimony, lawmakers voted to outlaw even something as inoffensive as advising someone not to have an abortion if that conversation takes place within 50 meters of a place that offers abortions. ?It?s absurd. Canadian politicians are killing freedom of speech that protects viewpoints they don?t agree with. Thankfully, pro-life Canadians have shown resolve despite the unreasonable government officials who couldn?t care less about their freedom of speech,? Carney said.

One Canadian pro-life leader reported the law was drafted by Planned Parenthood and its abortion business allies. This follows on the heels of statements by Planned Parenthood?s American CEO, Cecile Richards. With no evidence to back up her comments, Richards accused vigil participants of ?harassing? women on the sidewalk.

Similar debates are going on in England as well, where it has been said that even suggesting to a woman outside an abortion business that there are options other than abortion is a form of harassment.

?40 Days for Life has succeeded because it is peaceful and prayerful,? Carney said. ?Participants must agree to a Statement of Peace, promising lawful behavior while at the prayer vigil on the sidewalk outside the abortion centers. There is no harassment. If there were, we would not have seen thousands of women choose life and 156 abortion workers have a change of heart and quit their jobs since 2007.?

40 Days for Life vigils are continuing through November 5 in 375 locations around the world, including 15 in Canada and 7 in the United Kingdom.

40 Days for Life

40 Days for Life is a community-based campaign that takes a determined, peaceful approach to showing local communities the consequences of abortion in their own neighborhoods.