Topics We Cover On This Episode

  • [0:45] The largest 40DFL campaign ever - over 400 cities participating
  • [2:13] Steve and Robert join Shawn to discuss the campaign
  • [8:27] Approaching 100 abortion centers that have closed due to 40DFL
  • [10:41] Planned Parenthood in Ft. Wayne, Indiana is closing its doors for good
  • [13:10] Countries around the world are getting on board with 40DFL
  • [15:16] Supreme Court nominations: The best news from the Trump administration
  • [18:02] Stories of 40 Days for Life participants and those impacted by them
  • [22:17] Urgency still matters: Women are having abortions today. They matter
  • [27:02] Two tools you can use to help stop abortion

The pro-life movement is gaining momentum all around the world. You wouldn't know it from the media, but the media has never been known for its commitment to accurate coverage when it comes to the truth about abortion. In this episode of the 40 Days For Life Podcast you'll hear many encouraging stories about what's happening in the battle to end abortion, including the closure of abortion centers, Planned Parenthood offices, international efforts that are gaining ground, and more.

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The Largest 40 Days for Life Campaign Yet Begins Soon

What promises to be the largest and most significant 40 Days for Life campaign yet is about to begin. September 26 through November 4, the next life-saving campaign begins - in towns and cities all around the world. Your opportunity to become part of this life-changing, life-saving movement is just around the corner. You can hear about the significant impact your participation can have and find a campaign near you, by listening to this episode of the podcast.

We Are Fast Approaching 100 Closed Abortion Centers

The pro-life train continues to roll on. Since the scandalous news a few years ago about how body parts of aborted fetuses were being sold, the abortion industry has never recovered. Abortion center after abortion center has closed since that time. 96 have closed to date, and more are on the way. The most recent is a Planned Parenthood center in Ft. Wayne, Indiana - it's closed for good. Listen to learn how you can be a key player in the fight to stop abortion for good.

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A Pro-Life Supreme Court Nominee - and Why It's Not Enough

Recently, President Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his top pick for the vacant Supreme Court seat. And while Judge Kavanaugh is a strong family man and no friend of abortion, positive moves like this are not enough. His influence won't be felt for some time. In this conversation, Shawn, Steve, and Robert discuss why it's important to keep our focus on ending abortion with the same sense of urgency we've maintained all along, so be sure you listen.

Urgency Keeps Us Going: Women Will Have Abortions Today

Yes, it's good news when the Pro-Life movement gets another win. But we cannot let up in the fight. Why? Because women are having abortions every day. The lives of unborn babies are at stake every day. The war is not over, so we must press on. In this episode, you'll hear a handful of stories of the life-changing impact 40 Days for Life participants have had on women as they enter abortion centers, and how some of those women are returning to the centers to take their own stand against abortion. It's an inspiring episode you won?t want to miss.

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