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  • [0:26] How you can get the new and improved 40 Days for Life app or a new t-shirt
  • [2:20] Updates from the Arizona leaders symposium
  • [9:08] The leadership symposium was an electric gathering of great people
  • [10:40] Powerful testimonials and personal stories were shared
  • [15:09] Steve and Robert's experience at a Diamondback baseball game
  • [20:05] The devastating dropped ball - Steve's error at a MLB game
  • [24:07] A big announcement coming in spring - and a message from President Trump

The 40 Days For Life team is always encouraged when we are able to hear pro-life stories from everyday people who have taken the huge step of faith and courage to get involved in the fight to stop abortion. This episode recounts some of the stories heard at the recent leader?s symposium in Arizona. You'll be encouraged, too, by the amazing things God has done through the work of common people who were willing to step out and make a difference.

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Pro-Life Victories are Won When Regular People Step Out in Faith

One of the speakers at our recent leadership symposium was Sue Thayer, who formerly managed a Planned Parenthood abortion facility. In delivering her speech, the first line out of her mouth was: "People often say I'm courageous, but I'm not." It may sound like false humility, but we can assure you, Sue is one of the most genuine and humble people working in the pro-life movement. As she shared her story in a very relatable way, it was easy to see how anyone can get involved and make a massive difference in bringing about the end of abortion locally.

Stories of Pro-Life Heroics Came From All Corners of the Globe

One of the most beautiful things experienced at the Arizona leadership symposium was the diverse nature of the people who gathered. It seemed there were people of any race you could imagine, young and old, experienced and inexperienced, all gathered for one reason: to learn how they could be more effective in their part of the battle to end abortion. It was encouraging to watch as relationships were formed and encouragement was doled out in ample supply among the participants. It was a great demonstration of the power of stories and the example of faith.

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It's Not Just the 40 Days for Life Leadership That Does The Equipping

Among the bright spots at the leadership symposium were the many stories we heard from the most unassuming people. Many told of their participation in 40 Days for Life campaigns and the dramatic difference they've seen happen as a result. Friends, it's happening, abortion is coming to an end one faithful action at a time. Whether its people praying in front of abortion facilities or humble servants organizing campaigns, momentum is growing. Listen to this episode to hear what people just like you are doing to end abortion in their communities.

There's Always Time For a Bit of Fun At Our Leadership Symposiums

After this year's symposium, Steve and Robert stayed in Phoenix for a day to take in a Major League Baseball game. For Steve, it was a great opportunity to show his stuff on national TV as a home run ball came his way. For Robert, it was an interesting and unusual cultural experience. In this episode, we give Steve a hard time about a nationally televised flub, talk about the differences between baseball and cricket, and pray for the end of abortion - at least in part - so that we'll all have time to do more fun stuff like Steve and Robert did. It's all on this episode.

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Resources & People Mentioned

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  • - use promo code "podcast" for 20% off
  • BOOK: The Beginning of the End of Abortion
  • Live Action
  • Sue Thayer (former Planned Parenthood manager)
  • Bishop Olmsted
  • Pamela Delgado (from Columbia)
  • Patti Flores (led her 21st campaign)
  • Alison Centofante of Live Action
  • Pro-Life Action Ministries
  • Podcast episode featuring Sue Thayer
  • - join your local campaign


Steve's Dropped Home Run Catch

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