Topics We Cover On This Episode

  • [1:19] Colombia, South America: An amazing pro life need
  • [4:38] The dark business of abortion in Bogota, Colombia
  • [8:10] 40 Days For Life begins in Bogota and how the Pro Life movement has grown
  • [11:05] God's hand in using 40 Days For Life to mobilize the country of Colombia
  • [13:10] Will abortion laws become more relaxed in Colombia in the future?
  • [18:21] How baby showers are being used to combat feminist opposition
  • [22:57] Support and interaction with Protestant and Catholic churches

Abortion is an international issue, a crisis that touches cultures all over the globe. This episode features the efforts being made to fight abortion in Colombia, South America. In this episode, Robert Colquhoun and Katharine O'Brien speak with Pamela Delgado, a 40 Days For Life volunteer in Bogota who has spearheaded the efforts to fight the prolific and devastating effects of abortion in Colombia.

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Becoming Aware of the Spectre of Abortion in Colombia

It was 2015 when Katharine O'Brien first visited Bogota, Colombia on a mission trip. She loved the people, the culture, and the beauty she encountered. One thing she didn't expect to see was the pervasive influence of abortion in the capital city. One neighborhood in particular was littered with more than 70 abortion clinics, which broke her heart. She knew something had to be done. In this conversation, you'll hear how 40 Days For Life campaigns are now active all over the city and how the local community is being mobilized.

Organizing Vigils and Creating Awareness in the Community

Colombian 40 Days For Life Director, Pamela Delgado points out how the majority of people in the country of Colombia are Catholic, which makes it all the more surprising that abortion in Colombia is so prevalent. Before she became aware of the widespread problem of abortion in her country, she thought the people would be pro-life. But much to her surprise, many of the women in the capital city of Bogota were victims of the abortion industry already - and the abortion proponents were very active in seducing college-aged women into their facilities. God's Spirit began to stir her to prayer and then to action as she became the first 40 Days for Life Director for Colombia.

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The Opposition of Pro-Abortion Forces in Colombia is Aggressive and Real

In this conversation, Pamela describes how feminist and pro-abortion groups have stood against the 40 Days For Life efforts she's been leading. The outlandish and aggressive tactics they've employed show how desperate they are to hold on to the financial lifeline abortion is for them. In this conversation, Pamela describes the types of things abortion supporters have done to come against the vigils she leads and how God has overcome every attempt to thwart their efforts. It's an encouraging story you won't want to miss. Listen now!

Baby Showers Express Support and Hope For Mothers Considering Abortion

The 40 Days For Life team in Bogota has found that many of the women who choose to terminate their pregnancies do so because they feel alone and without support. To combat those feelings and to demonstrate that these young mothers will not be alone, the team has hosted many baby showers for special moms who choose not to end their pregnancies. These baby showers show that there is a better alternative than abortion and celebrate the miracle of life that is happening in the wombs of these precious young women. Pamela Delgado explains the impact the baby showers are having in more detail on this episode.

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