Topics We Cover On This Episode

  • [1:07] Myth-busting common women's health care arguments
  • [4:35] The scientific data about women's health care and abortion
  • [6:06] How to respond if someone tells you, "Abortion is health care"
  • [7:37] The truth about women's health outcomes when abortion is legal
  • [11:50] The facts behind deceitful abortion industry statistics
  • [18:24] Research on what's really happening relating to abortion risks
  • [20:12] The hope that changes in civil legislation will demonstrate the truth over time
  • [25:31] Legal abortion does not change the conditions of poor people

One of the common tactics of those on the pro-abortion side of the abortion debate is to insist that abortion is an issue of healthcare for women. Statistics are often quoted in support of the contention. Case-studies are cited. But the truth is it's all a colossal hoax; abortion does NOT improve the health of women. On this episode, the 40 Days for Life team discusses the fake facts behind the abortion industry's claim that abortion is a healthcare issue and explains why the exact opposite is almost always the case. If you'd like to know how to respond to abortion proponents when they appeal to these false statistics, this episode will be very helpful.

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FACT: Abortion is not healthcare for women

It sounds reasonable on the surface to say that abortion is an issue relating to women's healthcare. Afterall, abortions are a medical procedure performed on a woman's body. But that?s the only similarity to real healthcare practices. Healthcare, by definition, is to care for and promote the normal state of health in a living organism. Abortion is the opposite; it disrupts the health of the baby in question and often puts the mother's life at greater risk. Find out why abortion is not healthcare and how you can respond when someone insists that it is on this episode.

The statistics used by abortion proponents are flat out lies

One of the most influential and dominant forces in the pro-abortion movement at its inception was Dr. Bernard Nathanson. He served as the director of the Center for Reproductive and Sexual Health (a pro-abortion facility) during the early 1970s. But Dr. Nathanson became increasingly uncomfortable with his role in the abortion industry and, as a result, began to tell the truth. In his book, "Aborting America" he confesses that most of the statistics cited by the abortion rights movement were entirely fabricated. Yet, those fake statistics are still cited by abortion proponents to this day. You can learn the truth that will set many women and their babies free from the deceit of the abortion industry, on this episode of the 40 Days For Life Podcast.

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Mental health issues for women increase when abortion is legal

It's often argued by abortion advocates that the trauma of an unwanted pregnancy can cause extreme mental health issues for women who are not allowed to procure an abortion. But the facts show a different reality altogether. This is one example of how the truth is out there, in spite of the lies abortion advocates continue to repeat. Our hope is that with enough exposure and education, the public will realize that the abortion industry has been lying for decades and stop the horrendous practice of abortion for good.

Government regulations don't help to improve conditions when abortion is legal

A powerful scare tactic the abortion industry uses is to say that "back-alley" abortions cause a great deal of physical harm to women. While there's no doubt about the truth of that statement on its surface, it's used to say that if abortion is legal, the risk of such illegal abortions will be mitigated, and women's lives will be saved. The facts tell a different story. It's clear that government regulations that allow for abortion do not improve the quality of care women receive in abortion facilities or decrease risks to women?s health. It's simply not true. Find out how to answer those who continue to spew untrue stats in favor of abortion on this episode.

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Resources & People Mentioned

  • Dr. Bernard Nathanson
  • Article: Why Abortion is Fake Healthcare
  • Article: Abortion and Women's Health
  • Professor Patricia Casey

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