Topics We Cover On This Episode

  • [1:22] The joy and zeal of young pro-life advocates
  • [3:08] The 40 Days for Life college scholarship
  • [4:25] Meet the 18-year-old pro-life leader who is doing amazing things
  • [7:30] The teens in Wisconsin who decided to do hard things
  • [10:10] The tenacity of a 19-year-old when her campaign hit roadblocks in Georgia
  • [13:02] How this pro-life generation is not wasting their college days
  • [14:30] Eva's story: launching the Lansing, Michigan 40 Days for Life campaign
  • [19:44] The pro-life generation in Nigeria is making a difference as well

Many in today's younger generation - teens and college students - are calling THEMSELVES the Pro-life Generation. That's because more and more teens and university students are becoming aware of the devastating horror of abortion and are taking action to make their lives count by saving the lives of the unborn. In this episode of The 40 Days For Life Podcast, you will hear many stories of how people as young as middle school and high school students are making a difference, saving lives, and influencing entire communities to the point that abortion facilities are shutting their doors. This episode is packed with inspiring stories, so be sure you listen.

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A 40 Days for Life Campaign Led By an 18-Year-Old

At times it can be hard to find willing volunteers who will stand up to the persecution that might come from organizing and leading a 40 Days for Life campaign in a local community. That's what makes one example on today's podcast so extraordinary. An 18-year-old with no driver's license took on leadership in Memphis, Tennessee, leading that community's 40 Days for Life campaign with incredible effectiveness. Listen to how one teen led a group of amazing volunteers in an effort that successfully helped force the local Planned Parenthood center to move.

The Pro-life Generation is Ready To Do Hard Things - and is Making A Difference

In Sheboygan, Wisconsin, members of this pro-life generation cited a book, Do Hard Things, as one of the reasons they've decided to step into the battle to save unborn lives. They realized something that is true for all of us - we MUST step into the gap to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. It will not be easy. It will require us to get out of our comfort zones. But the fulfillment that comes from saving lives is one of the most rewarding things any human being can experience. Listen to this episode to learn how teens and college students are making an incredible difference in the lives of expectant mothers and their unborn children.

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A Pro-Life Teen Whose Mother Was Encouraged to Abort Her

On this episode, we hear of a woman who was told by her doctor that the child in her womb would surely die because her amniotic fluid was leaking. The recommended course of action: an abortion. But this brave pro-life mother told her doctor that as long as there was a heartbeat, there was still hope. Today, the baby she chose to carry is the 19-year-old leader of her local 40 Days For Life campaign, a living reminder of the lives that are being saved by this crucial work. Learn how you can be a part of making a difference that is just as significant on this episode.

The Pro-Life Generation is Making A Difference Worldwide

Many countries across the globe have laws on the books that make abortion illegal. But that doesn't mean unborn lives are safe in those countries. In Nigeria, abortion is rampant, especially among the teen population, even though it is illegal to perform an abortion. Teens and young adults in Nigeria are rising up, reaching out to their peers and pointing them toward a better way. Listen to this episode to learn how teens in Nigeria are joining the 40 Days For Life cause to save the lives of unborn children in their mother country.

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Resources & People Mentioned

  • Podcast #14 - Kristan Hawkins of Students For Life
  • Information about the 40 Days For Life scholarship
  • West Coast Walk For Life
  • The Thomas More Society
  • The Society For The Protection of Unborn Children


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