Topics We Cover On This Episode

Pro-life momentum continues to build, and 2018 was one of the most successful years ever for the pro-life movement! On the year's final episode of the?40 Days for Life Podcast, we countdown the top five stories we covered as determined by the listeners!

Top five podcast stories of 2018

  1. Aborting Free Speech, #105

  2. Inside a late-term abortion facility with Joanna Hyatt, #113

  3. First-things first--again! #106

  4. What do I say when? #112

  5. Homebound, Imprisoned, and Seasick, #108

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Steven Karlen, Campaign Director

Prior to joining the headquarters team, Steve directed several highly-successful 40 Days for Life campaigns in his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. As campaign director, Steve helps local 40 Days for Life leaders build and improve life-saving efforts in their communities.