There are a lot of good arguments you can use when debating abortion...

...but on this episode of The 40 Days for Life Podcast, Shawn Carney, Sue Thayer, and Steve Karlen examine five arguments you should avoid making in defense of life:

  1. "We believe life begins at conception." 
  2. "The baby could become the next..."
  3. "Rape accounts for only 1% of abortions."
  4. "If a woman doesn't want a baby, she should practice safe sex."
  5. "Late-term abortions are worse than first-trimester abortions." 

These arguments--though frequently used--can do more harm than good. Tune in to learn the arguments you should be making!

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Steven Karlen, Campaign Director

Prior to joining the headquarters team, Steve directed several highly-successful 40 Days for Life campaigns in his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. As campaign director, Steve helps local 40 Days for Life leaders build and improve life-saving efforts in their communities.