Spring 2023 | Feb 22 - Apr 2

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Kettering, OH United States
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Vigil Location

Women's Med Group
1401 East Stroop Road Kettering, OH

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The Dayton 40 Days for Life vigil is held daily (February 22 to April 2) on the sidewalks in front of the Women’s Med Center/Group at 1401 East Stroop Road in Kettering, Ohio.  Please help us to honor the local businessees by not parking in their parking lots unless you intend to do business with them. You may park on Vineyard or Wheatland Streets, or any other nearby streets.  During business hours, please avoid parking at DiSalvo's Restaurant or Deli.

Contacts:  Campaign leader: Holly Kistler (937-885-2952); Vigil Coordinator:  Jenny Belokonny (937-380-2229)

Regarding the prayer vigil:

1. Vigil hours are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m at the Women’s Med Center (1401 East Stroop Road in Kettering.)  Our vigil focus is prayer.  Sidewalk counselors are present for the duration of the business day and communicate with those entering and leaving the facility.  Your presence on the sidewalk is a visible reminder of the seriousness of abortion.  You are encouraged to pray by yourself or with others.  You may choose to hold signs so that the public understands what is taking place there.

2.  We are required to remain on the sidewalks and are not permitted to cross over into the parking lot of the Women’s Med Center.  We are also obligated to avoid blocking the entrance and exit driveways on Vineyard Street.

3. Your safety is important.  Always be aware of your surroundings.  If you see something strange, please share it with the sidewalk counselor.  If you are praying after business hours, please call the police (911) if you are threatened. 

4.  It is common for people on the sidewalks to receive unkind comments or gestures from pro-abortion people driving by.  Unless there are threats involved, simply ignore them.

5.  You are urged to dress comfortably.  Keep an umbrella and jacket in your car in case you need them.  We regret that restrooms are not available unless you walk to the local Speedway (corner of Stroop and Marshall) or drive to Meijers (corner of Stroop and Wilmington).

6.  You can take a quick course in fetal development at this link:  www.Truthbooth.org. For information about abortion procedures go to https://www.Abortionprocedures.com.

7.  We are blessed to have a pregnancy center just a few hundred feet away.  The Women’s Center is located in the DiSalvo building on the second floor.  The Miami Valley Women’s Center can be found a few miles down the road at 2345 W. Stroop Road. Sidewalk counselors will encourage women to visit any of the local pregnancy centers where they can receive a free ultrasound, counseling, and many services.

8.  There are street preachers who are frequently present during the morning hours to share the Gospel with those visiting the abortion facility.  They are not associated with the 40 Days for Life program. 

9.  We urge all to remain in prayer and to keep the focus on what draws us together:  praying for an end to the destruction of innocent life taking place just a few feet away from us.  Avoid doctrinal disputes with others on the sidewalk.  Let us be united in honor of the God we serve as we endeavor to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.  The devil is the real enemy of all people.  He comes to steal, kill, and destroy.  He loves to divide the people of God.  Keeping our focus on prayer will help all of us to work toward ending abortion in our community.

10. We ask the faithful who support this peaceful, prayerful, community vigil to create a user account here on this website.  Also find the helpful resources available for you to download.

Thank you for your willingness to respond to God’s call to open your mouth and defend those who have no voice.  May all of our prayers bring glory and honor to our God Who hears us.

Local events
Closing Rally

Sunday, April 2nd

Closing Rally for the Spring, 2023 40 Days for Life Campaign. Come and rejoice with us over all the victories the Lord has won during our Spring Campaign! Let us give Him all the praise and glory. We will sing, pray, and worship His mighty and awesome Name. We will hear from former State Representative, Candice Keller, who continues to defend the unborn and mothers who need assistance. Candice has the unique perspective of working in the Ohio State Legislature as well as establishing two pregnancy centers in the Butler County area. She knows how to get people involved! Our work and our obligation to the unborn do not end when the 40-day campaign ends. Please come and learn about how you can stay connected and continue to be a part of the pro-life work in the Dayton area.

Address: 1401 E. Stroop Road, Kettering, Ohio 45429 Kettering, OH 45429

Time: 2:00 PM

Leader Contact Info

Holly Kistler

(937) 885-2952


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