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Honolulu Campaign

Honolulu, HI United States
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Fall 2024 | Sept 25 - Nov 3 Map
Vigil Location

Public right-of-way (the sidewalk) outside of Planned Parenthood of Honolulu
839 South Beretania Street Honolulu, HI

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Dear volunteers, here are our recommendations for when you pray on the sidewalk this vigil and always:

- Pray up and arm-up! Put on the armour of God before you go and pray for miracles as well! This is a battle not against flesh and blood but against principalities. We are praying for all of us every day to be sheltered under Psalm 91!

- Pray with a Partner or with a Group. We encourage volunteers to have a partner. It is not recommended to go alone. In general it has been very safe and we have never had any serious incidents, but we cannot guarantee anyone's safety on the sidewalk.  Find a prayer partner or contact your day leader or the campaing leader, James, and we will find a partner or group to go with you. If you ever feel unsafe or threatended, call 911 and depart to safety. To file a police report you do have to meet the officers so designate a meeting spot with them.

- Warning about "Tesla Guy", Body Cameras. Often there is a man in a grey Tesla who will park nearby and shout and harass prayers in the sidewalk. His children are in his car so in general he will not leave his car. He has been asked by the Honolulu Police Department to leave prayers alone and HPD has asked him to leave on a number of occasions. Because of this man, we have body cameras which you can wear to capture all activity while you are on the sidewalk. Contact your day leader to obtain one and you will be shown how to use it. Cameras can deter harassment. 

- Be Peaceful. Please remember this is a peaceful prayer vigil. It is best to be silent to people that are attempting to harrass you or who are yelling at you. You may speak peacefully or pray for them but maintain your peaceful presence. If you are unable to do this, please leave. Please read and understand the 40DFL Statement of Peace on this website. 

- STOP/HELP handout & Blessing Bags. Please see the resource on this website. If you feel you want to hand this resource out to those entering the abortion facility, you can and offer a prayer. Ask your day leader to familiarize yourself with the resources printed on the hand out to direct them to the right resources and information. We also have blessing bags we hand out too. We can provide you with copies of the handout as well as blessing bags. 

Mahalo for joining together in this battle to save babies in the womb and pray for them, their parents and the abortion workers!

We have witnessed to many who have chosen life. You are the answer to the prayer for someone with an unplanned pregnancy who has asked God for a sign! You are the sign and many do chose life! We have witnessed a huge turnover of abortion workers also leaving their jobs. 

God bless and anoint you for miracles on the sidewalk this fall campaign!

Leader Contact Info

James Wallace

(808) 302-5968


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Stop, Help Handout Two on Page

Hope After Abortion

2023 Volunteer Handbook

Concurring Opinion Judge Ho Dobbs v MS

40DFL Rules for Safety and Peace Statement

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