Fall 2020 | Sept 23 - Nov 1

Waco Campaign

Waco, TX United States
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Vigil Location

Waco 40 Days for Life
700 W Hwy 6 Waco, TX

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Welcome to the 40 Days campaign for Waco. 

Please come pray with us this Fall. 

We pray outside the Waco Planned Parenthood Audre Rapport Abortion Services Center of Waco.  Their address is 700 W Hwy 6, TX 76712. 

Abortions in Waco ceased March 13 2020 and have not re-commenced, but Waco PP remains open. They refer pregnant women to their abortion provider affiliates in Austin and Dallas / Fort Worth. There is still a great need for Prayer Volunteers and Side Walk Counsellors. 

Don't park on the street or in front of resident's houses or at the nearby medical offices. Parking is available on the empty lot behind Planned Parenthood. 


Social distancing:  Summer 2020 update 

Since we are outside, and have only a few people at any given time on the sidewalk, we plan that prayer and side walk counselling and the Fall 2020 40 Days vigil will still take place. 

Use common sense and caution:

- Practice social distancing at the vigil site by remaining at least 6 ft away from non family members.  

- Avoid physical contact such as handshakes or hugs. 

- Wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer. 

- If you are ill or in a high risk population, please pray from home. 

Thank you for being out there. 


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