When Robert Colquhoun launched England's first 40 Days for Life vigil back in 2010, the odds were stacked against him. Hardly any of the 200 churches he invited to participate joined him at the vigil...but protesters armed with buckets of water did.

Still, Robert pressed forward, trusting in the Lord...and after a decade of 40 Days for Life vigils, the United Kingdom's flagship abortion facility is CLOSED forever!

On today's video blog, Robert describes how peaceful prayer helped lead a notorious abortion center--named after a woman who sent love poems to Adolf Hitler--to go out of business permanently.

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Robert Colquhoun, Director, International Campaigns

Robert is based in London, where he led the first 40 Days for Life campaign in England. He now assists local leaders coordinate 40 Days for Life efforts in nations as widespread as Australia, Brazil, Croatia and South Africa.