Fall 2020 | Sept 23 - Nov 1

Bremerton Campaign

Bremerton, WA United States
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Fall 2020 | Sept 23 - Nov 1 Map
Vigil Location

Planned Parenthood Bremerton
723 NE Riddell Rd. Bremerton, WA

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Public right-of-way in front of
Planned Parenthood
723 NE Riddell Road
Bremerton, Washington

The campaign is starting with the annual Kick Off  Rally this Tuesday, September 22= at 5:30 pm. During the Rally and for the duration of the campaign, we are requesting that you park only on Ridgemont Drive, either in the driveway of the House for Life, or on the eaasements. Please do not park on Riddell Rd, unless  you are alone in your vehicle, and no other prayer partners are there. We hope to keep both easements across from the site clear for improved visibilty for vehicles leaving the driveaways near by Planned Parenthood. As we are now neighbors, we have told the other residents that we intend to respect their ability to use the easements for walking, running and to keep the area safe. Thank you in advance!  

Local events
Closing Celebration

Sunday, November 1st

Come and celebrate what has been accomplished! Please bring snacks that are prepackaged or prepared commercially that are easy to eat with your hand to avoid buying plates, etc. No alcohol, please. Bring your kids ! There will be a short video. Thanks to all!

Address: 4820 Ridgemont Dr NE Bremerton, WA 98311

Time: 2:00 PM

Leader Contact Info

Laurie Coykendall


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