Fall 2024 | Sept 25 - Nov 3

Buffalo Campaign

Buffalo, NY United States
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Vigil Location

Buffalo WomenServices
2500 Main Street, Buffalo, New York 14214 Buffalo, NY

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Public right-of-way sidewalk - in front of
Buffalo WomenServices Abortion Facility
2500 Main Street
Buffalo, New York 14214

Across the street from the (former) Ken-Ton Kitchen & Bath Store, and diagonally across the street from the Tri-Main Building at the corner of Rodney & Main Street. Also, approximately 3/4 mile north of Rt. 198, Main Street exit.

Free parking is typically available along both sides of Main Street.

Prayer Volunteers are asked to read and sign the 40DFL "Statement of Peace" agreeing to the conditions for a "Peaceful, Prayerful and Lawful" campaign vigil and must obey the 1/31/02 Injunction Order currently in force.

The requirement to sign THE STATEMENT OF PEACE  will be met by signing up ONLINE for vigil hours.


PRAY TO END ABORTION signs are available by emailing: 


You may bring a sign with a peaceful, prayerful, loving message. Negative or graphic signs do not help the moms and are not to be used.


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