Fall 2020 | Sept 23 - Nov 1

Charleston Campaign

Charleston, SC United States
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Fall 2020 | Sept 23 - Nov 1 Map
Vigil Location

In Front of PPH
1312 Ashley River Rd Charleston, SC

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Vigil location:
Public right-of-way in front of
Planned Parenthood (PPH),
1312 Ashley River Road
Charleston, South Carolina 29407
(Corner of Ashley River Road and Fuseler Road).

Please park on the shoulder of the road on the grass across the street from PPH on the right-of-way. You will see a large steel plate on the ground.

Parking is also allowed in the One Carriage Lane parking lot at night (6 PM to 6 AM) but NOT during working hours on the weekdays (Monday to Friday 6 AM to 6 PM). At night and on the weekends, you may park in the One Carriage Lane lot on the side closest to Ashley River Road, but not in the spaces directly in front of the buildings. If you park directly in front of the Carriage Lane buildings (any time day or night), you will be towed.

Praying at the abortion facility:
There is a yellow line on each of the 2 driveways of the facility. Please do not cross the yellow line or you will be trespassing.

Please also do not obstruct anyone?s passage on the street or in the driveways. And be careful! Stay to the side of the driveway as cars often whip in and out of there quickly. Make sure that any signs you carry do not obstruct the view of anyone leaving the parking lot, and do not leave chairs or signs unattended in front of the building.

Feel free to hand out literature to vehicles entering or leaving the parking lot. Just follow the common sense rules of (1) not stopping vehicles in the roadway, and (2) not blocking traffic.

You may want to bring -
- Umbrella,
- Chair,
- Bug Spray,
- Jacket/Coat/Blanket,
- Sunscreen,
- Water, and

Thanks for cooperating with these guidelines!

Signs: If you would like a sign, please (1) attend one of our events, (2) ask one of your leaders or your church coordinator, or (3) Ask Anne.

To Donate: Would you like to donate to the Charleston (local) campaign? Copy and paste this link.


Local events
Victory Celebration

Sunday, November 1st

Call Susan or Anne for complete details. Our guest speaker will be....

Address: Anne's House W. Ashley, SC 29407

Time: 1:30 PM

Leader Contact Info

Alex Palyo or Susan

(843) 810-7517 or (703) 328-2334

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