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Cherry Hill, NJ United States
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Vigil Location

Cherry Hill Women's Center
502 Kings Hwy North Cherry Hill, NJ

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The Cherry Hill Women's Center is located at 502 N. Kings Highway in Cherry Hill, NJ. The CHWC performs more than 200 abortions per week.  The website declares “CHWC is proudly the only Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) in New Jersey that offers abortion care up to 25 weeks of pregnancy.”- that's 6 months.  Let's not allow this evil to go unchallenged!

Sign up TODAY to pray for an hour each week during our Spring Campaign which runs from February 17th through March 28th.  Only when volunteers sign up and make a commitment can we cover 12 hours a day of prayerful presence.

Abortions are done Tuesdays through Saturdays beginning at 6:30 or 7:00 am.  On Mondays the staff meet and it is a good day to go out to pray for their conversion. The CHWC is closed on Sundays, but we still hope to have a prayer presence. 

Please park on a side street such as Knollwood Drive and not in the clinic parking lot or the lot of the Walgreens next door. Stay on or behind the sidewalk and do not block the driveway.

By the abortion industry's own admission, the "no show" rate for women not keeping their appointments goes up as high as 75% when there is someone outside praying. Your mere presence can mean the difference between life and death.

We encourage a positive, prayerful presence outside abortion facilities to show God's love and mercy to those who visit and work at the abortion centers. This approach avoids shouting, confrontation with patients and employees, and the use of graphic abortion images. This is the approach that we have been led to embrace through prayer, fasting and spiritual discernment. In campaigns in more than 700 cities on six continents, this effort has produced positive, measurable results including over 17,000 babies saved from abortion, over 200 workers converted and over 100 abortion centers closed for good!

There are others who hold graphic signs at the clinic - often on Saturday mornings.  They are not part of our campaign.  Please separate from them if they are there during your scheduled prayer time.  

Rather than have large groups at once, the aim of our local campaign is to have 2 people praying each hour from 7 am until 7 pm- whether abortions are being performed at that time or not. During the pandemic it is especially important to keep numbers low.  However this may allow us to spread out and cover more hours!

Married couples or friends are encouraged to choose an hour and commit to praying that hour each week. 

We're so glad you found the Cherry Hill, NJ  40 Days for Life Campaign!  Cherry Hill is just one of hundrends of cities worldwide participating this Spring in a campaign to end abortion where it happens.  Please join us to be the last sign of hope and the first sign of mercy for women who believe they have no other choice but to abort their precious babies.

Besides prayer we strongly encourage fasting during the 40 Days for Life.  Consider giving up something you enjoy - whether it's food or a television program or anything else that would be a sacrifice for you. Throughout salvation history, God has encouraged fasting be coupled with prayer.

Call or email Claire with questions, concerns or to find you a prayer partner!

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Claire Howson

(856) 313-9861

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