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Chicago, IL United States
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American Women's Medical Center
2744 N Western Ave Chicago, IL

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Dear Fellow Warrior for LIFE: 

If I told you that I had a surefire way to bring the profit-driven abortion industry to its knees right now, including the heavily fortified abortion industry in Illinois, would you be willing to drop what you're doing twice a month to help?  I think that you would make sacrifices to help in such an effort, which is why you're reading this right now.  The Holy Ghost has placed the genocidal tragedy of abortion on your heart, and you are likely reading this in an effort to respond faithfully.  

I asked if you'd join because I really do have a method for putting the abortion industry on its heels.  Here it is:  PERSISTENT PUBLIC PRAYER.  How do I know that taking down the abortion industry can be summarized with these three words?  I know this because I've watched abortion workers anxiously pacing as the sidewalk before them is filled with men on their knees in prayer.  I've watched abortion clinic managers call the police in frustration as many as SEVEN times in one day.  I've watched abortion clinic escorts back down when our sidewalk counselors engage the moms going in for  abortion appointments.  I've watched moms change their minds at the last second.  I watched an abortion clinic close permanently after prayer warriors diligently took up space at their front door weekly for two years.  

There is a part of all of us who stand for truth and life that wants God to ride on a white horse and crush the largest genocide campaign in human history, which is the abortion industry.  But God knows that a culture, which has strayed so very far from His glorious plan for humanity can only adequately learn from its errors if it has adequately repaired for what it has done on its own.  And that is where you and I come in. 

We have been given a great gift by having the chance to serve God at this very time in this very way.  We must rise to the occasion and tell the abortion industry to their face that we are coming to cancel them.  Not with profanity, or weapons, or brute force.  Rather, with PERSISTENT PUBLIC PRAYER.  Will you join our army?

Sadly, we are outnumbered. There is only one 40 Days for Life vigil currently in the city of Chicago, and several times more abortion centers.  Therefore, we must boldly bring every prayer warrior possible to this one patch of Chicago sidewalk and let the abortion industry know that we will not let them continue their heinous deeds in the shadows.  We will not let moms continue to be lied to by the abortion industry, which tells mothers that their child is somehow not a child.  

As the vigil leader, I want to encourage you to not only come to the Chicago 40 Days for Life vigil site, but also bring someone with you.  Bring your family, and yes, your children.  How will our children fight for the unborn if they are not trained to do so?  Was it any easier for multitudes of children who have lived in the midst of genocide than it is for our children to pray at an abortion center?  I don’t think so.

Consider covering a full day of the 40 days with other pro-life people at your church (12 hours/12 people = 2 people at a time covering 2-hour shifts).  Consider inviting your pastor to come to the vigil?  Many brave members of the clergy have come to abortion vigils.  It makes a tremendous statement when they do AND HELPS TO REPAIR THE DAMAGE DONE BY CLERGY WHO ARE IGNORING THE SANCTITY OF LIFE AND SUPPORTING UNGODLY MARRIAGE AND A HOST OF OTHER ANTI-LIFE ACTS.  Consider joining the REVIVE-365 team and counseling moms on the sidewalk.  It is hard to think of a better way to serve the Lord than aiding moms and dads in their salvation and saving the life of a precious child moments before an abortion procedure.  If you are interested in joining this mission, please write to Joe@vision2020il.org.  

If you cannot assist with this mission on the ground level; the sidewalk.  Then please commit to daily prayer and regular fasting.  Not sure how to fast?  Try skipping your meals on Friday up until dinner time.  If you can’t jump into that type of fast yet, then perhaps skip lunch or breakfast on Fridays.  Fasting can also include avoiding the internet, or the news (not that it’s really news anyways), or some other simple form of entertainment.  Replace that time with prayer for the moms and dads considering abortion.  Need some motivation?  Try revisiting the most cataclysmic Friday in human history by meditating on the crucifix for 10 minutes each Friday.  

Remember, the reason why we, as people who believe in the sacredness of life, do what we do.  The babies deserve to live, the moms and dads need life-affirming options, the abortion workers need conversion, and above all, God deserves it!  God bless you, and I hope to see you on the sidewalk!


Yours in the enduring battle,



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