Abortion survives on pain.

Many of those who have suffered the trauma of abortion try to anesthetize their pain by raging against pro-lifers.

While they cloak their language in terms of "rights" and "bodily autonomy," the reality is that they are hurting.

Your love is the antidote to their pain.

Your love is the reason 222 abortion workers have left their jobs...and untold numbers of post-abortive women and men have found hope and healing.

As we head into the second half of the campaign, check out 40 Days for Life Chaplain Fr. Paul Felix's new video blog explaining how God can use us as his instruments in healing those who have been hurt by abortion:

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Helena, Montana

40 Days for Life General Counsel Matt Britton recently spoke at the largest pro-life rally the Helena campaign has ever hosted.

More than 125 faithful pro-lifers turned out to see Matt and a lineup of powerful speakers--including a former Planned Parenthood fundraiser, who is now pro-life.

"I'm not sure I'm adequately conveying the increase in interest and participation we are seeing compared to previous campaigns," said Sharon, the leader in Helena. "We have more churches represented than ever before."

The rally was followed by a screening of the Roe v. Wade film.

Photo courtesy of Pro-Life Helena

Troy, New York

Ron in Troy is part of a group of faithful prayer warriors that heads to the local 40 Days for Life vigil every Thursday morning, Thursday evening, and Friday afternoon.

"There were 11 of us today!" he said.

Participation is growing. Ron said one volunteer prayed her first shift at the 40 Days for Life vigil in nearby Albany a few days ago--and then joined the Troy campaign as well.

In addition to holding 40 Days for Life signs, Ron said vigil participants are bringing placards promoting adoption and abortion pill reversal.

I believe I shall see the Lord’s goodness in the land of the living. Wait for the LORD, take courage; be stouthearted, wait for the LORD!

— Psalm 27:13-14

Good and loving Father, Keep us stouthearted in Your Word of Truth, placing all our faith and Hope in You. Give us the patience to wait for Your providential care. As we repent of our own sins, give us the courage to speak the truth in love and to be ready to forgive those who offend us. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen

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Shawn Carney, President/CEO

In addition to co-founding 40 Days for Life, Shawn is one of the most sought-after pro-life speakers, addressing audiences coast-to-coast and internationally. He has executive produced award-winning pro-life documentaries. Shawn co-authored the #1 top-rated Christian book: 40 Days for Life: Discover What God Has Done ... Imagine What He Can Do and also wrote The Beginning of the End of Abortion.