Fall 2024 | Sept 25 - Nov 3

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Des Moines, IA
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Vigil Location

Susan Knapp Health Center of Des Moines - Planned Parenthood
2304 University Avenue Des Moines, IA

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Iowa Right to Life (IRTL) will soon be be on the right-of-way during designated dates and times.  Please do not pray alone.  If you have any questions, contact iowa@iowartl.org or reach us through the 40 DFL website.

Now that the Planned Parenthood (PP) on the Southside of Des Moines is closed, we will be praying in front of the abortion clinic in the Drake neighborhood.  The tentative plan is to close and consolidate the current Susan Knapp Center (PP) and Urbandale PP, and offer in person abortion.  The new location will remain in the Drake neighborhood.   

Dates and times are yet to be determined.  IRTL will also schedule times to go to the Planned Parenthood in Ames, 2530 Chamberlain Street, Ames, IA 50014   Those dates and times are also yet to be determined.  







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Iowa Right to Life

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