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Does praying in front of an abortion facility really make a difference? And if so, how, exactly, can silent prayer at an abortion center change hearts and minds? Shawn Carney, Steve Karlen, and Sue Thayer discuss four ways your presence impacts the abortion center.

Sue also talks about how comments from pro-life friends, family members, and pastors helped foster her conversion from Planned Parenthood manager to pro-life prayer warrior.

The four ways pro-life vigil participation saves lives

Pro-life prayer in front of abortion centers impacts:

  1. Abortion workers enjoy making the big money that Planned Parenthood pays its employees. But when pro-lifers are on site praying for an end to abortion, productivity plummets, and employees are forced to grapple with their consciences.

  2. Abortion center clients also find their consciences touched by pro-life vigils. A lot of them--as many as 75 percent--don't show up for their appointments when vigil participants are present.

  3. Passersby sometimes insult and heckle you...but when you're out--particularly in bad weather--they are forced to reconsider the judgments and stereotypes they have developed toward pro-life women and men. They also grapple with their feelings on Planned Parenthood and abortion.

  4. Prayer volunteers like you almost unanimously report spiritual growth as they pray in front of an abortion facility. One volunteer even described his first 40 Days for Life campaign as similar to going on a 40-day spiritual retreat.


Praying in public can cause us anxiety. But after we see the impact made by confronting our fears and praying in public, we realize we need not be afraid!



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