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Charleston, SC United States
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Vigil Location

In Front of PPH
1312 Ashley River Rd Charleston, SC

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Vigil location:
Public right-of-way in front of
Planned Parenthood (PPH),
1312 Ashley River Road
Charleston, South Carolina 29407
(Corner of Ashley River Road and Fuseler Road).

Please DO NOT park on the shoulder of the road on the grass across the street from PPH on the right-of-way. Notice the "No Parking" signs on both sides of Fuseler Ave. 

Please DO NOT park in the parking lot of the apartment complex know as Jaunt.

Parking IS ALLOWED in the One Carriage Lane parking a specific times. Parking is not allowed during business hours - Monday thru Friday 6 AM to 6 PM. At night and on the weekends, you may park in the One Carriage Lane lot on the side closest to Ashley River Road, but not in the spaces directly in front of the buildings nor behind the buildings. If you park directly in front of the Carriage Lane buildings or behind the buildings (any time day or night), you will be towed.

Parking IS ALLOWED at The Blair Center for the Arts across he street from (behind) the Jaunt apartment complex. Click on this link for a photo of the business and a map which can be enlarged:

https://goo.gl/maps/6HsDgZ6poiEcLdSx9            The Center is renting us 2 parking spaces.


Praying at the abortion facility:
There is a yellow line on each of the 2 driveways of the facility. Please do not cross the yellow line or you will be trespassing.

Please also do not obstruct anyone's passage on the street or in the driveways. And be careful! Stay to the side of the driveway as cars often whip in and out of there quickly. Make sure that any signs you carry do not obstruct the view of anyone leaving the parking lot, and do not leave chairs or signs unattended in front of the building.

We are prayer participants, not protestors. However, thre are protestors out there primarily on Friday and Saturday mornings. They are there to disrupt you and your purpose which is to pray. Do not engage with the protestors. Always obey public, civil authorities.

Remember PRAYING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT and POWERFUL THING YOU CAN DO TO SAVE LIVES. You plant the seed. Let God do the heavy lifting.

Charleston Police Department: Note 1: A new ordinance concerning public gatherings has been issued by the City of Charleston. Note 2: The police have designated 3 areas where prayer participants or protestors can stand. Area One is on the grass in front of the PP fence. Area Two is on the grass by the fire hydrant. Area Three is on the corner of Fuseler Ave. going toward Ashley River Rd. Note 3: Generally, we only have a permit for events where we expect 25 or more folks.

If we HAVE a permit we will stand at Area One. If we DON'T have a permit, where we stand depends upon who gets there first. Whomever gets there first has the choice. If the protestors get there first and are occupying Area One then we would stand at Area Three.

This makes our circumstance fluid. Please return to this page often for updates.

Feel free to hand out literature to vehicles entering or leaving the parking lot. Just follow the common sense rules of (1) not stopping vehicles in the roadway, and (2) not blocking traffic.

You may want to bring -
- Umbrella,
- Chair,
- Bug Spray,
- Jacket/Coat/Blanket,
- Sunscreen,
- Water, and

Thanks for cooperating with these guidelines!

Signs: If you would like a sign, please (1) attend one of our events, (2) ask your church or organization leaders.

To Donate: Would you like to donate to the Charleston (local) campaign? Copy and paste this link.


Local events
Mid-Way Rally

Saturday, October 22nd

This rally will consist of a period of fellowship with beverages and pastries. This will be followed by an invocation and a prayer service. You will then hear and listen to the conversion story of an abortion-minded woman who became a happy mom (tentative). We will conclude with a benediction/blessing. Mid-Way Rally This year's rally will begin 1/2 hour later at 9:30 because the campaign is running later in the year. Copy and paste the link below for a map of the location. https://www.google.com/maps/dir//1312+Ashley+River+Rd,+Charleston,+SC+29407/@32.7977335,-79.9997903,539m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m8!4m7!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x88fe7b8e41467cf3:0xbedc9f98cf51db56!2m2!1d-79.9992119!2d32.7980055 The rally will begin with fellowship, an invocation, and a prayer service. Then you will listen to the conversion story of a happy mom (tentative). NOTE: Looking to make this a tailgate event. With the possibility the City prohibiting us from setting up a table to put the refreshments, pastries, literature and extra signs on, we could place these items on the back of an open (or closed) pickup truck.

Address: 1312 Fuseler Rd. (West Ashley) Charleston , SC 29407

Time: 9:30 AM

Victory Celebration

Saturday, November 5th

The tradition is continuing. This event will be a celebration of the lives saved during the campaign. We will acknowledge our Creator as the Prime Mover of our efforts. Again there will be a meal where each one of you plays the host. Please being your favorite dish. I am happy to announce we have a famous guest speaker. He is the one, the only ... MATT BRITTON BOARD EX-OFFICIO & GENERAL COUNSEL FOR 40 DAYS FOR LIFE Matt serves as the the board secretary and general counsel for 40 Days for Life. He has had an expansive legal career including four terms as an elected prosecutor; a county attorney; counsel to many not-for-profits and U.S. companies operating around the world; a major law firm litigator; and general counsel. Matt has written and spoken countless times on a wide range of legal and pro-life issues in locations across the United States as well as England, Japan, Colombia, Mexico, Korea, Singapore, Brazil, China, and locations across the European Union. Most importantly, Matt is married to Libby Britton, and they have eight beautiful children and two grandchildren. You'll need to register for this event. Please call Susan at 703.328.2334 for further details.

Address: See below ... Charleston, SC 29407

Time: 5:00 PM


St. Benedict Catholic Church has graciously agreed to pray the entire day. If posible choose another day. If not, you are more than welcome to pray on this day. Your prayers are always needed.

Leader Contact Info

Alex Palyo

(843) 810-7517


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