Fall 2021 | Sept 22 - Oct 31

Dallas Campaign

Dallas, TX United States
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Fall 2021 | Sept 22 - Oct 31 Map
Vigil Location

Public right-of-way outside
8616 Greenville Avenue Dallas, TX

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Public right-of-way outside
Southwestern Women's Surgery Center
8616 Greenville Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75243

Park across Greenville Avenue from the abortion center. You can park in Gaston Oaks Baptist Church parking lot except during hours of church services, or you can park on Boundbrook Avenue. Please do not park in office parking and do not block driveways.

Local events
Dallas Prayer Vigil Virtual Kickoff

Tuesday, September 21st

Prayers are being answered! Lives are being saved! Abortionists are leaving our state! Your faithfulness is a beautiful witness , but we have more to do. Join us for updates, prayers, and plans as we kick off our Dallas vigils.

Address: ZOOM Dallas, TX 75001

Time: 7:00 PM

Leader Contact Info

Susan Platt

(214) 392-7545

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