Bad, selfish men benefit the most from abortion…but many good men have lost children to abortions they never wanted because our culture and our laws deny fathers a voice on the topic. On this podcast, we discuss the hidden victims of abortion—the men powerless to save their children from abortion.

We cover:

  • The legal schizophrenia that grants fathers no rights during pregnancy...but responsibility after delivery;
  • Why men's suffering--and road to healing--in the wake of an abortion is different from women's;
  • How abortion makes men worse;
  • What men can do to address abortion.

Mentioned on this Episode:

Post-Abortion Healing Resources:

Steven Karlen, Campaign Director

Prior to joining the headquarters team, Steve directed several highly-successful 40 Days for Life campaigns in his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. As campaign director, Steve helps local 40 Days for Life leaders build and improve life-saving efforts in their communities.