Spring 2024 | Feb 14 - Mar 24

Cincinnati Campaign

Cincinnati, OH United States
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Vigil Location

Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio
2314 Auburn Ave Cincinnati, OH

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Local events
Midpoint Group Prayer Hour

Friday, March 8th

Join us for an hour of prayer to thank God for the blessings received in the first half of the campaign and to ask Him to continue those blessings throughout the remainder of the campaign. We pray for Ohio that He convict everyone of the need for them to stand for the protection of the unborn, their mothers and all families in this November's critical election. Come and be encouraged to continue your weekly public prayer witness here in front of Planned Parenthood and finish the second half of the campaign strong! If you have not been able to sign up for prayer hours to this point, there are still a little over two weeks of the campaign left and you can help us cover the remaining open prayer hours or add to the number of vigil participants already committed to prayer. For this event there is no sign up necessary. It is one of the few opportunities during the campaign when we can gather as one to pray for all of the intentions of the campaign.

Address: 2314 Auburn Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45219, US

Time: 7:00 PM

Closing Prayer Hour of Thanksgiving

Sunday, March 24th

Join us on Palm Sunday for the official closing prayer of our Spring 2024 campaign as we recount highlights of the last forty days and give thanks for the blessings received during the campaign which ends this day. We will begin the hour at the Holy Name Church parking lot with opening prayers and then process to Planned Parenthood while praying the "Way of the Cross for Victims of Abortion." Booklets will be provided. We will be asking participants to carry placards depicting the Stations of the Cross. Our prayer leader and speaker to be announced.

Address: 2422 Auburn Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45219, US

Time: 2:00 PM


Covering the 2pm to 3pm hour, some combination of parishioners from these Kentucky parishes: Blessed Sacrament, Ft. Mitchell; Immaculate Heart of Mary, Burlington, Mary Queen of Heaven, St. Barbara and St. Henry, Erlanger; St. Paul, FLorence and St. Timothy, Union, Feel free to join them.

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(513) 365-2606


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