Fall 2022 | Sept 28 - Nov 6

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Ottawa, Canada
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Vigil Location

The Morgentaler Abortuary
84 Bank St, Ottawa, Ottawa,

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Ottawa joins 17 other Canadian cities and hundreds of locations throughout the world as we unite in one common effort to pray, fast and sacrifice for 40 consecutive days, for an end to abortion.

Join us as we gather near Ottawa’s main abortion facility, on the southwest corner of Queen Street at Bank Street, daily from 7 am to 7 pm Sept. 28 to Nov.6, 2022, to witness to the truth and pray for an end to abortion.

Ottawa’s participation began with 40 Days for Life campaign in the Fall of 2008. Initially people gathered, across from Ottawa’s main abortion facility (65 Bank Street) to publicly witness and pray for an end to abortion. 

In October 2017, Ontario passed the Safe Access to Abortion Services Act, (bubble zone law) actually making it illegal to demonstrate against abortion in any way, within 50 meters of an abortion facility. At that time, we moved our vigil location to the nearest corner, at Queen and Bank Streets.

Canada has lost its moral compass and daily, 100,000 babies die through the abortion process. This is a real tragedy for our country and as people of faith we must stand together to assert the humanity of the unborn child. Every human life is a gift from God, created for His ultimate purpose.

We welcome your participation. Please contact us at wanda40daysforlife@clife.ca or 613-299-2515 for more information.

To view the vigil calendar and sign up, please access the Resource section on the website (right side menu). We are also including a "Prayer Only" option for those participants who are not able to visit the site to pray.  That is also located on the Resource section on the website.


Rally Dates:

Opening Rally: Tuesday September 27 at 7:00 pm at vigil location, southwest corner of Queen and Bank Streets.

Closing Rally:  Sunday, November 6, 6 pm:at vigil location, southwest corner of Queen and Bank Streets. 

Everyone is welcome.

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(613) 299-2515


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