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Vigil Location

Public right-of-way outside. WE must stand on the grassy area across from the Planned Parenthood. See below for where to park.
220 Cobb Pkwy N # 500 Marietta, GA

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Public right-of-way outside
220 Cobb Pkwy N #500
Marietta, Georgia 

You can park across the street at the public parking near Office Depot. 

Are you looking for an easy way to make a difference in the fight for life? 

Do you have one hour a week just for a 40 Day time period? Or even join us yearround. :)

Then we have a great way for you to tangibly engage and make a difference in the pro life world.

The 40 Days for Life model is based on being present at your local abortion clinic/in our case the Marietta Planned Parenthood and praying for one hour a week (with a buddy) and holding a compassionate sign on the grassy area between the Planned Parenthood and the Cobb Pkway street.  We equip you with your very own compassionate, weather proof sign. We stand on the grassy area and details on that below. :)

We do offer trainings, but you do not have to do trainings (they are fantastic and you will love them if you want to and we will keep you posted about them), for anyone who wants to also do outreach and reach out to the Planned parenthood clients and refer them to pregnancy resource centers but also offer them friendship, hope and other forms of help in addition to referring to the local pregnancy resource center. 

The goals are to close the Marietta Planned Parenthood, to be the last line of defense before a mom goes in to abort her child and offer kindness and real hope and real help and to be a presence in the community. There is information that the NO SHOW rate goes up when we have a prayerful presence outside the abortion clinics.

THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT WAYS TO TAKE ACTION because anyone can do it and your prayerful presence (whether you do outreach or not) makes a difference and lives are saved, hope is given, abortion clinics close, abortion workers quit and all because of your presence outside your local abortion clinic.

Wonderful 365 family, if you meet a mom from out of state that you want to find her a pregnancy resource center in her area, please go to

PLEASE SEE THE RESOURCE TAB WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO HAND OUT RESOURCES. :) You can print them off. :) And of course we hand deliver to you color copies of all the resources that we hand out. Making goodie bags is a great idea too as you hand out the resource lists you can hand out goodie bags. No homemade food. Only items like lotions, fuzzy socks, gum, prewrapped candy, etc. :)

Please remember to sign up at under the 365 calendar and if troubles, please call and we will help you and also get your compassionate posters and resources to hand out.

UPDATED: Wonderful team/family, remember we must follow all city ordinances and rules so see below details about some of those. We MUST pray/stand/do outreach on and from the grassy area that is First Amendment protected space THAT IS THE GRASSY AREA NEAR COBB PKWY ONLY.  Please sign up for our emails at this website so that you will get emails that educate and equip and share updates AND show photos of where we can stand and we must stand on the grassy area closest to the main road which is Cobb Pkwy. If you have questions call us as essential, we stand only in that First Amendment protected area closest to the Cobb Pkway street and past where the rose bushes are. 

That grassy area is between the main road and the parking lot and has the big White Water Plaza brick sign on it. We can call out in love and kindness from that grassy area. :) Thank you all! We touch base with the Marietta PD a couple of times a year to check in about laws and ordinances and they know we are all law abiding citizens there with a prayerful, loving, law following presence of outreach and prayer.

Please never be out there alone and if you ever feel threatened please call 911 and please leave right away and let us know so we can also share with the Marietta PD in addition to you calling 911.

At our Marietta 40 Days for Life 365 FALL kick off combined with our LIV meeting (sit down dinner so RSVP required), we will have posters and resources available for you to take and keep to use while outside the Marietta Planned Parenthood. 

Go to
When you go to this website it will lead you to a calendar where you can sign up for one hour a week for the next 40 days (or if you choose do yearr ound you can do that too but we are focusing on the filling the 40 days from Sept 27th through November 5, 2023) Remember we are yearround but we step up our game by trying to fill seven days a week 12 hours a day during the Spring and Fall vigils/campaigns.

2. If this is confusing, no worries, please call Rachel Guy, our fearless leader and she will add the day and hour you want to go pray outside the Marietta Planned Parenthood. Rachel Guy 404 922 7659

3. We equip you with compassionate posters to keep. We equip you with resources to pass out to the Planned Parenthood clients AND to the community as well.

4. We are here for you and only a phone call away. 

5. You will never be alone but we need you to let us know the day and hour you plan to be there so we can make sure it is on the calendar so we know to fill in the empty spaces and the spaces that need an added person.

YES there is fabulous training (both in person four times a year and a video series that we send out the link regularly to apply to receive the videos but most importantly is showing up with your kind poster and pray) but the beauty of 40 Days for Life is that most of all you just need to be PRESENT and PRAY holding a kind sign. Don’t let any time go by without joining us. 

We actually tell people to come show up and pray first and then get the training as then the training will make more sense but again this is about a 40 days of a presence with praying most of all. 

We love you all and thank God for your tireless love and commitment to showing up and being the face of hope and love and compassion to the PP clients, to the abortion workers and to the community. 

Suzanne and Rachel (our shared pro life email so that between the two of us, one of us is always aware of all emails and if you don’t hear back right away then please text one of us. Suzanne is 404 394 0041 and Rachel’s is 404 922 7659

See photos of how easy it is. Just show up on the grassy area (all details are laid out along with helpful links and tips on our website at with also many resources under RESOURCES that you can print out and use)

We encourage all, but you don’t have to, to do thevideo series outreach training by 40 Days for Life link:
Also, I wanted to encourage you all to sign up to do the 40 Days for Life University training!:) Go here to sign up: photos of some of our amazing team/family. It is this easy. As Shawn Carney always says, it is taking your prayer time to outside the abortion clinic and in doing that/being present and praying, the NO SHOW RATE GOES UP.

40 Days for Life 365  extends 40 Days for Life to a year round presence in a Nutshell in Marietta details below:

It is so beautifully easy to be a part of Marietta 40 Days for Life :) and a few simple steps to show you how easy it is to be involved:

  1. Go to to sign up to pray outside the Marietta Planned Parenthood for an hour or two each week. If you have trouble, please call Rachel Guy at 404 922 7659 and she will sign you up.  All information is also on this website including the address of Planned Parenthood at 220 Cobb  Parkway  North in Marietta 30062. You can park across the street at Office Depot strip mall area and walk over to Planned Parenthood. There are details and resources you can print on this website, also. :) Never hesitate to call with questions or for help.
  2. Have your compassionate poster with you to hold as you pray that is yours to keep that you hopefully will have picked up at the kick off and have some resources that you also picked up at the kick off with you to hand out as you fill led to the PP clients and to the community while staying on the grassy area.
  3. Go stand on the grassy area across from Planned Parenthood next to the parking area/lot for PP (do not go into the parking lot) and also next to Cobb Parkway-the grassy area between the parking lot and Cobb Pkwy

Rachel or Suzanne go out with all those doing for the first time so let us know if it is your first time. Once you are signed up to come and pray, you will receive emails with updates and also with how to apply for the sidewalk outreach training that 40 Days has created for all to watch and learn. :)

Here are five important things to do at every kick off (which we pray PP will close so that we no longer need kick offs):

  1. Go to the table in the back of the room and grab a compassionate poster if you do not already have one.
  2. Then grab resource cards (take maybe 25 each or more) with pregnancy resource centers listed, abortion pill reversal listed and post abortion healing listed. (We have around 100 resources but women in crisis need succinct and limited information)
  3. Please, if you have not already, go to and sign up to be present and pray at the Marietta Planned Parenthood once a week. :) If this is your first time, please call Rachel so she can join you at 404 922 7659
  4. Visit some of our pro life ministry partners at their tables in the back of the room. Together we are stronger and we refer to and partner with these wonderful ministries and more.
  5. Lastly, be watching for daily emails with updates on any babies saved, information about the abortion pill and pro life information in general, updates from team members and more. :)

THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS! YOU ALL ARE HEROES! WE LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you for your sacrifice, tireless commitment, faithfulness, compassion with feet, love and prayerful presence!

Rachel and Suzanne Guy

Remember our First Amendment rights are protected as we stand on the grassy area across from Planned Parenthood. 

40 Days for Life is standing outside of the Marietta Planned Planned Parenthood (these campaigns are all over the world) with peaceful posters, praying and having resources to hand out to anyone that approaches you. Offering hope and help. WE WILL PROVIDE ALL RESOURCES AND POSTERS FOR YOU. Remember to be wearing a mask and practicing safe social distancing and never be alone. If anyone ever harasses you, please call 911. 

We will supply you with your very own compassionate poster which is yours to keep along with beautifully made resource lists to hand out to all PP/Planned Parenthood clients AND to hand out to the community to help educate the community and they may have a friend who needs to know about those resources, too. 

YEAR ROUND having a prayerful presence 5 days a week when they are open Mondays through Fridays from 8am to 6pm outside the Marietta Planned Parenthood BUT starting with trying to cover Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 8am to 6pm at first as doing gradually to eventually fill all five days. :)

You just sign up for a couple of hours a week (or you can sign up for more or for less than that). 

In a nutshell, it is so beautifully easy as we provide kind, inviting posters to hold as you stand outside and pray with others, so literally you just show up with your posters and pray. Some feel led to sidewalk counsel and others feel led not to but the primary goal is to pray and be a loving presence. Any age can do this as it is that simple. 

Please apply for the 40 Days for Life University fabulous outreach training that will fully equip you and give you confidence, too, to speak with PP clients and the community. These are videos that you can also watch when convenient for you and have forever to refer back to as well. 

Marietta Planned Parenthood address: 220 Cobb Pkwy N Suite 500, Marietta, GA 30062.   

Please  park across the street at the strip mall area where the Office Depot is and then go to the traffic light to cross the street to walk to the Planned Parenthood.  There is a "possibility" of being towed if you park any where else just fyi.

Legally, we must stand on the grassy area across from the Planned Parenthood. We are not allowed to stand anywhere in the parking lot.  They sometimes call the police and the few times that has happened, the police tell us we are well within our rights to stand on the grassy area next to the parking lot.  

40 Days for Life is a community-based campaign that takes a determined, peaceful approach to showing local communities the consequences of abortion in their own neighborhoods, for their own friends and families. It puts into action a desire to cooperate with God in the carrying out of His plan for the end of abortion. It draws attention to the evil of abortion through the use of a three-point program:

  • Prayer and fasting
  • Constant vigil 
  • Community outreach


The mission of the campaign is to bring together the body of Christ in a spirit of unity during a focused 40-day campaign of prayer, fasting, and peaceful activism, with the purpose of repentance, to seek God’s favor to turn hearts and minds from a culture of death to a culture of life, thus bringing an end to abortion.

We have have resources available for you all always. *Please do not ever hesitate to call me with any questions.  I am so very thankful for each of you!  

*Campaign leader: RachelMary Guy 404 922-7659 (or Suzanne at 404 394 0041)


Dear friends,

First of all, how can we ever thank each of you enough for your hearts for Jesus and how you respond to HIS Heart for our most vulnerable community, the unborn children, and women and men in crisis!! THANK YOU ALL! 

Remember we have a great relationship with the Marietta Police Dept and we have gone to great lengths to make sure we understand the ordinances and laws so we can educate our team what law abiding looks like outside the Marietta Planned Parenthood/PP. A few reminders that no bull horns and that we must stay on the grassy area. At no time can we ever go into the parking lot for any reason and we cannot ever put anything on cars.

Here are a few quick bullet points for 40 days prayer vigils and sidewalk counseling which are some things already happening but some things may be a refresher or new information.  

First and foremost pray and pray more that God will give you the key to the women's and men's hearts and that HE would prepare their hearts to hear what we pray HE will give us to say.

Wave the women and men to come over to talk with us and wave with a huge smile and point to our posters that say We Care We Can Help. Share that we are there to offer hope and help because we love women and men and we want to help them.

Remember you can motion for cars to roll down their windows or hold out one of the resource papers as you are smiling as we have many conversations that way. Your kind words and caring opens doors to conversations. Say you are there because you care and that you have wonderful resources for places that offer free services and start a conversation and focus on listening to them more than talking. 

You can say things like, "Hi, we would love to talk to you. We can give you free healthcare resources." And so important to wave them over and point to your signs that say WE CARE WE CAN HELP and wave over with a friendly kind smile and words. :)

1. As always…this is all about prayer and loving well….we know that….but love that and this is a “ministry of presence and prayer."   PRAY AND LET THEM KNOW HELP IS AVAILABLE. Wave people over to talk with you as you show them your huge, kind smile. :) 

2. Always have at least two people together while outside Planned Parenthood-THERE IS A NEW WEBSITE that Rachel will send you soon and we are going to really encourage signing up so people can see how many are out there-I am the biggest offender of never signing up on the computer…I repent-wink! ;)

3.  Please call the police if you are threatened in ANY way.  Call 911.

4.  We have signs for those that want to do the sidewalk counseling aspect that say, “WE CARE.  WE CAN HELP.”  Remember we will have many resource tables at the kickoff as usual with different free materials and people to talk to that are from local prcs, PATH, From Lamb to Lion, Surrendering the Secret, Atlanta Morning Center and MANY more ministries represented with resources to equip everyone and to get educated. :) Thankful for them all! 

5.  We must know our laws and our rights.   Go to  or 1-800-835-5233

6. No bullhorns and NO magnifying voice devices at all. 

7.  Wear clothing that is neutral…in other words don’t wear t shirts that talk about ending abortion kind of thing….they powerfully emphasized being approachable.

8. Have gift bags not only for those going in but for women coming out who had abortions….In the gift bag you can include lotions, etc but also include a list of all prcs in GA. Rachel has one and you can make your own as well. There are MANY prcs in the area and we want to share all the options. 

9.   One sidewalk advocate trainer has emphasized, “This is not a course on apologetics” as we sidewalk counsel…..time is short….give these women and men messages of hope and how we can help, always have resources and share about where to get free ultrasounds and pregnancy tests

10.  Always have resources to share not only with PP clients but also with the community as well as many in the community do not know about prcs and post abortion healing and more.   Have resources in Spanish too 

11. Good things to say:  Not too late to change your mind, we can help, free services, I can help you get resources.

12.  Have relationships with local prcs which praise God we have MANY fabulous prcs and we do have relationships and I know some of these things are already happening but want to share anyway. Remember to have a comprehensive list of prcs.

13.  Remain in prayer, remain calm and peaceful, let the presence of God control our mouths

14.  Dress in a way that is approachable  ("Pray to End Abortion" shirts are good to have IF people are not sidewalk counseling.) Wear approachable clothing...meaning nothing anti abortion on. 

15. KNOW fetal development.    

16. Know abortion procedures.

17.  DO NOT carry a sign if you are talking to someone…set your sign down 

18.  Let her know help is available- let her know we have free help for what she needs

19.  HUMANIZE that baby and LOVE that mom and dad well :) ALL THREE made in God's Image and so loved. Show that mom and dad how loved they are. Listen, listen, listen.  Focus on that mom.

20.. If you are talking to the father of the baby and you tell him he can go inside and get the mother of the baby use language like, "You can go inside and get your family." Notice the "your family" instead of going inside to get “her.”

21.  SAY, “GOOD MORNING”.  I LOVED THIS…so simple….Smile and as you "call out" make sure the kindness and love in your voice is so obvious. 

One of our resource pages we give out: See below and go to Resources for more as well. Thank you all!

You are not alone
Our team is here to help you. We care so much.
Please feel free to call 24/7 for someone to talk with: Suzanne or Rachel – 404.394.0041

Pregnancy Resource Centers close by:

First Care Women’s Clinic 770-590-9361
The Hope Center/Options Medical Clinic 770-741-2351
Pregnancy Aid Clinic 404-763-4357
Cumming Women’s Center 770-889-8302
Women’s Pregnancy Center 770-514-1080

Bartow Family Resources prc at 770-382-7224 They have their mobile a mile away two days a week and right now that is Wednesdays and Thursdays all day-see flyer under the resources

APR/Abortion Pill Reversal number: 877-558-0333 

Post Abortion Healing:
From Lamb to Lion Ministry 470-302-0192 | 
Surrender the Secret at First Care Women’s Clinic - see above number
PATH- Post Abortion Treatment & Healing | Program Director: 404-717-5557 | PATH is a part of Pregnancy Aid Clinic - see number above 
Rachel's Vineyard retreat weekends - | 404-717-5557 
This retreat is a beautiful opportunity for any person who has struggled with the emotional or spiritual pain of abortion.
Jody Duffy RN Military and Veterans Program Coordinator
Support After Abortion Healing Network | 844-289-4673
Abortion information videos 

You have another option! Have you considered adoption
Did you know you can choose parents for your child and have an ongoing relationship with them if you desire? Reach out to any of these Adoption Agencies for more information:
Lifeline Children’s Services
Advocate: Mary Gray | Location: Atlanta, GA (and all of GA/surrounding states) | Contact: 470-869-1979 (text or call)
Covenant Care
Advocate: Carol Gledhill | Location: Macon, GA (and throughout GA) | Contact: 1-866-813-8655
Abiding Love
Advocates: Vicki Colls and Carrie Murray Nellis | Location: Savannah, GA (and throughout GA) | Contact: 800-277-0748
Other Pregnancy Help/Parenting Resources:

Atlanta Morning Center - Free prenatal care
PLAN-Pregnancy & Life Assistance Network: 
Good Samaritan Health Center of Cobb
1605 Roberta Drive SW
Marietta 30008
Embrace Grace – support groups for women in unplanned pregnancies 
Contact Rachel and Suzanne (see at top of page) and they will connect you!

We partner with so many great ministries! This is just a few and wanted to add Walking with Moms in Need and Life Initiatives and Values/LIV

Please get a copy of What to Say When and also sign up for the 40 Days for Life University with fabulous training you can watch at your leisure-they are videos. :)



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Marietta 40 Days for Life 365 Rachel and Suzanne Guy

(404) 394-0041


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